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Lunchbox Makeover: Chicken Caesar Wrap


Lunchbox Makeover: Chicken Caesar Wrap

Chicken Caesar Wrap Recipe

Here’s another lunch recipe that can take some leftover items and turn them into a unique, portable, delicious mid-day meal.  I really like how this recipe idea could be adaptable to your family’s personal preferences, as well as whatever you have on hand.  Don’t like Caesar dressing?  Swap in Italian or Ranch.  Swiss cheese instead of parmesan?  That can work too.  Lunch meat instead of cooked chicken?  Sounds great.  Leftover bacon?  Toss it in.  Always yes to bacon! 😉  Anything goes, and this would also make a great simple dinner idea if you have leftover cooked chicken from a previous meal!

Chicken Caesar Wrap
  • Lunch wrap or large tortilla
  • Romaine (or other) lettuce
  • Leftover pre-cooked chicken
  • Parmesan cheese
  • Caesar salad dressing
  • Croutons
  1. Spread Caesar dressing on the wrap.
  2. Top with lettuce, cheese, chicken, and a few croutons for crunch
  3. Roll into a wrap, and enjoy!
  4. Variations: add or swap meat, cheese, dressings, and veggies to suit your family's tastes!


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