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Spa Sleepover Birthday Party: Marshmallow Nail Polish Cupcakes

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Spa Sleepover Birthday Party: Marshmallow Nail Polish Cupcakes

nail polish cupcakesMarshmallow Nail Polish Cupcakes

This is one of our most popular Pins!  Sharing it again because they’re great for a birthday party, girls’ night, or “just because”…we’d love it if you’d Pin it too!

These Marshmallow Nail Polish Cupcakes were the perfect treat for my daughter’s Spa Sleepover ninth birthday party.  We originally spotted the idea for marshmallow nail polish treats in the catalog for birthday party supplies, but the instructions weren’t included.  We could tell that the basic idea was a big marshmallow, some sort of sprinkles or coloring to make it look like nail polish, and a Tootsie Roll on top to look like the nail polish cap.

After doing a little searching, I found a few variations for making the treats.  One involved dipping the marshmallows in colored candy melts, which was a little more work and mess than I wanted to do.  Another option was to use spray food coloring to color the marshmallows: this yielded vibrant colors and seemed relatively simple to do, but I didn’t have the spray food coloring handy (and didn’t really have the time to hunt it down!)

I loved the look of the sanding sugar sprinkles, but wasn’t sure how to get them stuck to the marshmallow.  One option suggested melting frosting to thin it, then dipping the marshmallows and covering with sprinkles.  That sounded way too messy.  Finally, we stumbled upon a suggestion to just dampen the marshmallow with water and roll it.  Bingo–super simple, not too messy, and most importantly: effective!

Be sure to grab a bag of marshmallows that has plenty of nice plump, round ones–the smushed ones don’t look as nice!  We chose a few colors of sugar sprinkles that matched our party theme and were ready to roll.  Here’s how to do it step by step:

nail polish cupcakes step by step

We’d love it if you’d share or Pin this recipe if you find it helpful, along with the other fun ideas we used for our Spa Sleepover birthday party–we all had a great time!

***Pretty ways to display the cupcakes make such a difference! You can find a variety of beautiful cupcake stands HERE at a variety of price points. Here’s a great cupcake carrier to transport the cupcakes in if you need it!


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