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Make sure you’re seeing our Facebook posts, plus other options for seeing our best deals!

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Make sure you’re seeing our Facebook posts, plus other options for seeing our best deals!

someecards.com - Sisters Shopping on a Shoestring posts aren't showing up in my Facebook feed like they used to!

Are you seeing Sisters Shopping on a Shoestring in your Facebook news feed?  Facebook can be a great tool for all of us, because it makes it possible for us to interact with our fantastic Sister and Mister community on a daily basis, and for Sisters and Misters to interact with one another as well: sharing deals, asking and answering questions, and enjoying the camaraderie of bargain hunting together.

It used to be that if you “like” the Sisters Shopping on a Shoestring Facebook page, the things we post would automatically show up in your News Feed.  This was a really easy and convenient way for many of you to follow us, and if there was something that caught your interest, you could click through and read the full post on the blog site.

With the changes in Facebook’s algorithms, the statistics that we see on our end are telling us that some posts are seen by fewer than 1% of our 25,000+ Facebook fans.  Yuck.  Obviously, this is isn’t ideal for us, but it also means that if you’re counting on Facebook to show you our posts, it’s no good for you either.

The tricks that we’ve shown you in the past (including interacting with the page by commenting, liking, and sharing) definitely help.  The more people like, share, and comment on a post, the more people are able to see it, but there’s no guarantee you’ll see what we post.  Facebook wants blogs to pay to promote their posts…and unfortunately, Facebook doesn’t offer coupons!  When we’re posting several deals or articles a day, it’s just doesn’t fit within a “Shoestring Budget” to pay big bucks to promote each one.

If you prefer to follow us on Facebook, of course we’re happy to have you!  Just be aware that you might not automatically see everything we share with you in your News Feed.  If you click directly to our Facebook page every so often, you’ll see it all and you can click through to the blog on anything that interests you.  Also, when you interact with our Facebook posts with your Likes, Shares, and Comments, Facebook starts to “learn” that you want to see us.  That interaction also tells Facebook that what we posted is worth seeing, and makes it more likely that other Sisters and Misters will see it.  We really appreciate your likes, shares, and comments!

fb post notifications

You can also set things up to receive a notification (that little “globe” thing in the top left corner of Facebook) each time we post.  Just hover over the “Liked” button when you’re on the Sisters Facebook page, and click “Get Notifications” and you’ll find out when we post something new.  You can also click “Add to Interest Lists,” and add us to a list of deals and coupons that you watch.

There’s a new option that just came out called “See First” that will put us at the top of your news feed each time, along with anyone else that you choose to see first.  (I think this is a great option to do for family & friends too–that way they won’t get buried in your news feed!)

Another option: You can sign up for our daily email subscription, a super reliable way to get everything conveniently delivered once a day!

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to access all the deals we share, so hopefully these options help.  You can also just bookmark the site and check in with us directly on the web site.  Thanks for sticking with us–we’re blessed to have such a wonderful community of readers, and we want to make sure you get the information you’re looking for!

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