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Ways to Save at the Grocery Store


Ways to Save at the Grocery Store


Ways to Save at the Grocery Store

Do you ever watch the person in front of you at the grocery store work some magic and walk away with a whole cart of products for a fraction of the cost and wonder how they do it?  (I love getting behind these people in line and rooting them on in my head.  I’m a cheerleader at heart.)  Here are some of the strategies they have when shopping:

1.  Look at the ad.  Buy what’s on sale that week. 

Plan your meals around what’s on sale. What meat is on sale this week?  What produce is on sale?  What meals could I make that incorporate those items?

2.  If the store has a loyalty card, use it.

If a store will give you discounts on items by scanning their loyalty card, make sure you use it. If you’re vacationing, make sure you ask if they have a courtesy card to still get the discounts!

3.  Match up coupons with what’s on sale.

Use your coupons with what’s on sale.  Not only is the product already discounted with the sale, you are getting another discount with the coupon.

We have a Coupon Database on our Sisters Shopping on a Shoestring site that will show you the coupons available for each product.  You may see coupons from the newspaper, printable coupons from sources like: Red PlumCoupons.com, or SmartSource, printable coupons from product websites, coupons from the sales ad, coupons that you can load to a loyalty card, or other sources.  You can also check out our Store Match-ups – completely done for you!

4.  Match up rebates with what’s on sale.

In our Coupon Database you may also see rebates from sources such as Ibotta, Checkout 51, Snap, Mobi Save, and more.  You’d be surprised with how many brands have jumped on the digital bandwagon.  I sometimes load them as I’m walking through the aisles! Double your savings by matching these up with what is on sale as well!

5.  Know your price point on staples and stock up on items that are at that price point.

There are some items in your house that you use all the time such as peanut butter, jelly, toilet paper, paper towels, dishwasher detergent, etc.  Learn what is a good price on those items.  When you see them at or near that price, stock up so you don’t have to buy more when they aren’t on sale.

6.  Make a list of what you need for the week.

Making a list helps keep you on task for the things that you need.  If it isn’t on the list it doesn’t go in the cart. It also keeps you from making multiple trips throughout the week (and lessens the chance of impulse buys and cranky kids). Using your phone or tablet to make lists while on the run is super-easy to do with the Favado app.

7.  Shop at more than one store.

Different store chains have different sales every week.  If there is more than one grocery store near you, shop the sales at those stores.  You will have more opportunities for sale items this way.

8.  Check out the frozen bags of produce vs fresh.

Bagged frozen vegetables can be found for about $1 – $2 per bag with about 4 – 5 servings in each bag. Incorporate these into meals to help boost the amount of vegetable servings in a day without a high cost.  When your cooking casseroles, soups or this yummy Chicken Pot Pie, it’s easy replace frozen vegetables!

9.  Look for produce that is in season and on sale.

For example, in the Spring you can find sales on strawberries and in the Fall you can find sales on apples.  Eat the produce that is on sale.  I often freeze produce that’s in season or make homemade applesauce or strawberry jam and sauce!

10. See if the generic or store brand is cheaper than the name brand.

Many times you can find generic or store brand products that are cheaper than the name brand and are just as good.  Take a look at those top and bottom shelves.  Cheaper brands and products are not in the prime “eye” space.

11.  Look for quick sale items.

Day old bakery products and cans that are about to expire can sometimes be found at reduced costs.  Organic products are quick to expire and are on a quick sale rotation.  Also, get to know your store’s meat markdown days and times. It never hurts to ask about your favorite store’s markdown schedule!



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