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There are three main reasons you may not have received a coupon or coupon insert in your paper
(1) Your paper just does not carry that particular insert (RP, SS, PG, GM)
(2) Coupons are regional, meaning different markets receive different coupons.
(3) The coupon insert company (RP, SS, PG, GM) may not have published an insert for that weekend.
(4) The coupon insert companies only put so many inserts in circulation.  Subscription customers receive first priority and high volume stores second.  If there are not enough inserts available that given week you may find that smaller stores and gas stations may not have any inserts or only some inserts.  Newspaper boxes will most likely not have the coupon inserts at all.  These papers will only receive inserts if there are enough left and often the entire ad insert section is omitted so more papers will fit in the boxes.

To know what coupon inserts to expect, you need to familiarize yourself with what coupon inserts your newpaper carries.  NOT EVERY PAPER HAS THE SAME COUPONS.  For example, this past weekend there was only a Red Plum insert.  If you purchased a Massillon Independent, a Cleveland Plain Dealer or a Pittsburgh Gazette, you did not receive any coupons, because these papers do not carry the Red Plum.

Here are a few pointers to help you figure this out:

  • There are several coupon inserts you may find in your newspaper.  These included Red Plum (RP), SmartSource (SS), General Mills (GM) and Proctor and Gamble (PG).
  • Not every newspaper will contain every insert.
  • Not every insert will contain the same coupons.  Coupons are regional.  Often you will find the SS in the Canton Repository is different from the SS in the Cleveland Plain Dealer or the Pittsburgh Gazette.  Because the Cleveland Plain Dealer and the Pittsburgh Gazette are larger markets, their inserts usually include more coupons and sometimes higher value coupons.
  • The Coupon Preview we bring you each week is simply an overview of what you might see in your paper.  Again, because coupons are regional – not everyone will receive the same coupons.  There is no way to know which papers will contain which coupons, until you actually see the insert.
  • Most weekends you will see a Red Plum and a SmartSource.  However, there are weekends when RedPlum or SmartSource may not publish a coupon insert.
  • Many newspapers DO NOT carry the Red Plum.  Locally these include: the Cleveland Plain Dealer, the Pittsburgh Gazette and the Massillion Independent to name a few.
  • General Mills inserts are random.  You may see one a quarter.
  • P&G (Proctor and Gamble) typically has at least one insert a month.  Usually, this will be in the paper towards the end of the month – but not always.  Sometimes they will put out more than one in a month.

The Canton Repository carries all four inserts: RP, SS, GM and PG
The Massillon Independent carries: SS, PG & GM
The Cleveland Plain Dealer carries: SS, PG & GM
The Alliance Review carries: RP, SS and PG

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