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Tuesday Tip: Coupons in Unusual Places


Tuesday Tip: Coupons in Unusual Places


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Most coupons we get are from Sunday newspaper inserts or the Internet.  But sometimes you can score coupons where you least expect them if you keep your eyes peeled.  My pediatrician’s office has a basket of coupon tearpads where  I found some great $2/1 Advil coupons that would make drugstore deals even better.

Other places to look: Dentist offices, pharmacies, customer service counters at stores, product packaging (peek before you pitch that box!), magazines, “junk mail” from companies, and many more.  Get in the habit of keeping your coupon radar on, and you might be surprised where you’ll find extra coupons.

Also, make sure to keep an eye out while you’re shopping.  There are coupon dispensers frequently hanging on shelving in stores (we call these “blinkies,” even though not all of them blink).  You can also find tearpads and coupon booklets on displays in stores, especially at back-to-school time or near holidays, when companies are eager to promote their products.  With blinkies or tearpads, it’s OK to take one or two, and you can use them right away or hang onto them for a sale.  But always remember that if a coupon is stuck onto a product (we call those “peelies” because you peel them off), that coupon is meant for the purchaser of the product–you can’t go through an aisle taking them if you’re not buying those items!

Have you spotted coupons in unusual places?  Sound off below so the rest of us know where to look!

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