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Sisters’ Countdown to Christmas: Gift buying check up


Sisters’ Countdown to Christmas: Gift buying check up


Christmas will be here in just four weeks, can you believe it?!  We’re counting down the weeks with tips to help you keep your Christmas season, stress-free and under budget!

Now that Black Friday is behind us, this is a good time to do a thorough assessment of your gift situation.  Who’s checked off your “nice” list already?  Who do you still need to shop for?  And did you forget anyone when you first made your list?  Give everything another once-over now, so you’re not running out for gifts at the last minute just before Christmas.

This week’s action plan:

Review that gift list–hopefully some of it is already taken care of 🙂  For the rest of the list, try to get as much taken care of as possible this week so you’re not rushing around shopping when the stores are insane just before Christmas.  Carve out some quality couch time with the computer and hit up Amazon in your jammies, or head to Giant Eagle to take advantage of those Bonus Fuelperks on retailer gift cards this week!

If you’ve got homemade gifts in your plan, this week would be a good time to get as much of those finished up as possible (unless it’s something perishable, like food, that needs to be done closer to when it’s given).  The more of your gift shopping and organization you can handle now, the less last-minute stress you’ll have in the days just before Christmas.


So what’s your gift situation status?  All done?  Getting close?  Haven’t even started? (if not–get busy this week!)  Let us know in the comments how you’re doing, and what you’ll work on this week to help your Christmas run smoothly!


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