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Sisters’ Countdown to Christmas: That’s a Wrap!

Sisters’ Countdown to Christmas: That’s a Wrap!

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Wow!  Christmas is just two weeks away!  We’re counting down the weeks with tips to help you keep your Christmas season, stress-free and under budget!

Last week we talked about getting the shopping finished up…after driving around some busy shopping areas earlier this week, I was reminded why I prefer shopping from home in my jammies. 😉  I can’t imagine what the traffic and stores will be like in about 12 days–yikes!

This week, I’m recommending we all get a jump-start on wrapping those gifts, and doing a final double-check of any last-minute needs.  Hopefully you’ve picked up your wrapping supplies already, and you’re good to go.  If not, there seems to be wrapping paper and tape at just about every store I’ve visited in the past week, so it should be pretty simple to get what you need.

This week’s action plan:

Rather than staying up till all hours wrapping presents on Christmas Eve (that wasn’t just me in years past, was it?), pick an evening or two this week when you can binge watch some Netflix or pop in a movie and wrap some gifts.  (If you need some movie suggestions, check out this Facebook post!)

If you’re headed to a few different celebrations over the holidays (your side, in-laws, etc.), pack up the gifts for each one in a big gift bag or box so you’ll be ready to roll.  If you’re not quite finished with shopping, we’ll be posting more deals from Amazon in the next week, and I’m sure other stores will have online deals too.  Just keep an eye on shipping dates to make sure you’ll get the gifts before you need to give them!

If you can get most of the shopping and wrapping finished throughout this week, you’ll be able to relax and enjoy cooking and fun last-minute details in the days just before Christmas.

So how’s it going in your household?  Ready to get some wrapping taken care of?  Let us know in the comments how you’re doing, and what you’ll work on this week to help your Christmas run smoothly!



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