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Simple Meals: What are your favorites?

Simple Meals: What are your favorites?

There’s something comforting about getting to this time of day and knowing there’s something simple planned for supper.  I’m all for cooking from scratch, but let’s face it: some days you just need something quick and good that doesn’t take a whole lot of time and effort (and of course, money!).

Tonight’s menu at our house: Rosetto ravioli (on sale at Giant Eagle thru tomorrow for $3.50, $1/2 Printable), Prego Sauce (from the stockpile, but bought on sale with a coupon, salad (BOGO this week at Giant Eagle), and the rest of the homemade bread I made over the weekend.  15 minutes start to finish, a reasonably well-rounded meal, and one that should make everyone pretty happy.

Last week we tried one of the Velveeta Cheesy Skillets ($2 this week at GE, 50¢/1 Facebook Printable), and the Chicken Broccoli one was a hit, although I added a microwave bag of broccoli to boost the nutrition.  For a buck, I’d probably get it again to use on busy days.

How about you, fellow Sisters and Misters?  Do you have a go-to easy meal for busy weeknights?  Share your favorites in the comments, and I’ll compile a list with coupon matchups for a future Cooking with Coupons.   

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