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Natural Weed Killer: No Harsh Chemicals!

Natural Weed Killer: No Harsh Chemicals!

Natural weed killer

It’s always fun to share a new DIY Home Recipe with you, especially when it’s something frugal that keeps harsh chemicals away from kids and pets.  As much as I love natural solutions to home problems, they need to be effective for me to want to use them.  As you can see from the pictures above, this natural weed killer gets the job done, and I bet it’s something you already have in your cabinet.

So what’s the secret?  Undiluted vinegar in a spray bottle, plus a little help from the sun.  The weeds I tested it on are nasty prickly things, with roots that spread underground and are nearly impossible to pull completely.  I sprayed them with vinegar on a hot, sunny afternoon, and within a few hours they had already started to wilt.  Shortly after, they were completely brown and dead.  That’s plenty effective for me, without nasty chemicals near the small kiddos who love to help me in the garden.

For difficult weeds, I’ve read that you can add salt to the vinegar for a little more oomph.  I didn’t need to try that, but it might be a good second line of defense before going to the hard core chemicals.  As with all weed killers, the sun seems to help accelerate the action, and you’ll want to check the weather to make sure rain won’t wash off the treatment.  Also take caution to protect the good plants in your garden if it’s windy when you spray–it’s best not to spray this on plants you want to keep!

I’d love to hear any other natural gardening tips you have–’tis the season that Sisters’ and Misters’ thumbs turn green, and we always appreciate time-tested (and frugal!) hints that we can pass along to everyone.

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