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Lego Star Wars Birthday Party: Homemade Party Favor Ideas


Lego Star Wars Birthday Party: Homemade Party Favor Ideas

Lego Party Favors

I had a lot of fun creating some themed party favors for my son’s Lego Star Wars party!  We love doing Scavenger Hunts for the kids’ parties, as a fun way for them to fill their take-home goody bags.  As I mentioned before, the scavenger hunt was part of the boys’ Jedi Training, and included this Lego Star Wars Party Favors pack and Lego Star Wars Stickers from Amazon, along with Giant Eagle brand Star Wars Fruit Snacks.  But the highlights of the scavenger hunt and treat bags were a few fun homemade treats, which took a little time to put together, but are easier than they look!

Lego pops

These Lego Head Marshmallow Pops would be great for any Lego-themed party!  Half a mini marshmallow makes the little knob on top of the Lego head, while a big marshmallow makes the face.  Stick the cut mini marshmallow on pretty quickly after cutting it (otherwise it’s not as sticky).  A little dab of water on the sticky side will help it stick if needed.

My yellow candy coating was still a little thick after it melted, so I just used my finger to smooth out the coating (messy, but effective!).  The eyes and mouth were just black icing piped on using a writing decorating tip (the same icing & tip on the cake). I used a piece of floral foam to hold the pops as they cooled, and used the same foam covered in foil to display the pops on the food table for the party (see below).  Cello bags are pretty inexpensive at craft stores or on Amazon, and make it nice for individual packaging.

lego head 2An army of Lego guys on the food table!

Lego Wookiee Cookie

In honor of furry sidekick Chewbacca the Wookiee, I made Wookiee Cookies as the next take-home treat.  I picked up some cute candy eyes for less than $1 at our local bulk food store, which worked great for this.  Chocolate icing with a textured icing tip (which I attempted to do in the pattern of Chewy’s hair), and some black icing for the nose and mouth, all on a chocolate chip cookie.  I also put these in cello bags, stapled with a little tag that I created using a free downloadable Star Wars font, and an image I pulled off the internet.


Lego Light Saber Pretzels

These Light Saber Pretzels fit the theme so well, and they were super easy to do.  I melted red and green candy coating to dip the pretzels in (more on how to dip candy HERE), then wrapped the ends in foil after they cooled and hardened.  Special pretzel bags worked great for these, and each child got both a “Luke Skywalker” (green) and “Darth Vader” (red) light saber to take home.

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