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Lego Star Wars Birthday Party: Fun Food and Cake Ideas


Lego Star Wars Birthday Party: Fun Food and Cake Ideas

We had a great time with my son’s Lego Star Wars birthday party last week, and I wanted to share a few more ways we carried out the Lego Star Wars theme, especially in our food.

For kids’ birthday parties, I try to keep the food fairly simple, since they rarely seem to want to sit and eat for very long with the excitement of a party.  So our menu included:

  • Stromboli (requested by the birthday boy)
  • Hot dogs
  • Fruit Kebabs
  • Cinnamon rolls (just the ones from a can–super easy)
  • Veggies & Dip
  • Potato chips
  • and a few themed treats which I forgot to take pictures of–oops!  Edible Ewoks (a.k.a. Gummi Bears) and Lego-shaped candies

I usually try to keep the actual meal of a party somewhat balanced, especially considering we’re having cake, so if I find ideas for sweet treats that go along with the party, I usually include those in the take-home treat bags (more about that coming later!)  Here’s how we used the theme of the party to “name” the food:

Lego Star Wars Party Food

I spotted some of these ideas on Pinterest, and some of the others I came up with myself.  To make the food name cards, I downloaded a free Star Wars font for the typing, and did a Google Image search for the Lego Star Wars characters’ pictures.  Then I printed them out on white card stock, and layered them on colored cardstock, which I folded over to make them stand up.

The cake was a regular chocolate cake mix with chocolate icing (as requested by the birthday boy).  For the decorations I used my new cake decorating set (which I love!) to draw the characters in icing.  I tinted more chocolate icing with black food coloring to make Luke Skywalker’s and Darth Vader’s costumes.  I added some white icing to the black for the grey to do the details.  Then I tinted more white icing yellow for Luke’s face and hands, and for the words (which I attempted to make look like the Star Wars font…squint a little and use your imagination!) 😉

The candles were adorable Lego block candles (similar to these, but I found them at Giant Eagle for around $4.69).  Luke and Darth Vader were standing on platforms made out of Lego-shaped candies as well.

Lego Star Wars Cake

For the light sabers on the cake, I had a stroke of inspiration when I was making the light saber pretzel party favors.  I took two bamboo skewers (that I had on hand for the fruit kebabs), and dipped them about halfway in red or green candy coating.  After cooling, I dipped them a second time to make the coating thicker, and let them cool completely.  On party day, I wrapped the bottom part of the dipped color with a little strip of foil, and inserted the skewer into the cake, so that the foil met up with the character’s hand, and the swords stuck up and crossed in the middle.  The kids thought it looked pretty cool to have 3-D light sabers sticking out of the cake!

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