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Lego Star Wars Birthday Party: Activities and Games


Lego Star Wars Birthday Party: Activities and Games

Lego Star Wars Party Activities

The activities for our Lego Star Wars party centered around the kids participating in a Jedi Training Academy.  I used a free Star Wars themed font to create a Jedi Training Academy “diploma” for each guest.  On their diplomas, they had five items to complete.

  • Snow Training on the planet of Hoth
  • Jedi Banquet in the Mos Eisley Cantina
  • Jedi Training in Yoda’s Swamp on the planet Dagobah
  • Light Saber Training
  • “Use the Force” Finding Mission

Each of these were fairly simple to put together, and mostly involve putting a Star Wars-y name on something we wanted to do.  But it really pumped up the theme of the party, and the kids enjoyed completing their Jedi Training Academy diploma!

Snow Training in Hoth


Hoth is the cold, snowy planet in the Star Wars movies, and my son was really excited to go sledding with his friends at his birthday party.  So when I announced that we were going outside, I just said we were doing Jedi Snow Training on the planet of Hoth…and we headed to our backyard sledding hill.  Nothing super creative about that, but oh my word did they have a good time together!   If you’re having a winter Lego Star Wars party and the weather cooperates, this is a fun option!  You can follow it up with “Hoth Chocolate” (hot chocolate) when they come inside.  Here’s our favorite Hot Chocolate recipe!

Jedi Banquet in the Mos Eisley Cantina

mos eisley cantina

After working up an appetite in Hoth, it was time to eat lunch.  I’ll share more about the fun Lego Star Wars themed food in another post, but we called lunch the “Jedi Banquet,” and made a sign to show it was served in the “Mos Eisley Cantina” (the cantina plays a central part in the Lego Star Wars video game).  The table was decorated with a Lego Star Wars tablecover, along with variety of Star Wars and Lego Star Wars toys.

Yoda’s Swamp and Jedi Light Saber Training

Yoda's Swamp Light Saber

Our basement was transformed into Yoda’s Swamp on the planet Dagobah (where Luke Skywalker learns to be a Jedi).  We cut slits in a green plastic tablecloth and hung it on the doorway heading to the basement.  I also found a bag os Spanish moss at Pat Catan’s (less than $3), and spread that throughout the basement to make it look “swamp-y”.  Each guest received a light saber, (a 12″ glow stick with silver duct tape wrapped around one end–about $8 for 16 at Pat Catan’s).  For their light saber training, they had to use the glow stick to keep a balloon in the air–they had way more fun with that than I expected, especially with the lights off!  Then the light saber became a party favor for the kids to take home. 

“Use the Force” Finding Mission

As I’ve mentioned with other parties (like our John Deere party and Jake and the Neverland Pirates party), my kids love to do scavenger hunts to find their treat bag items.  I make a few fun and unique treat bag items, and let the kids hunt for them to fill their bags.  I’ll share more about the homemade treat bag items in another post, but I also got a great deal on this Lego Star Wars Party Favors pack on Amazon.  The 48-piece set came with 8 goody bags, and 5 items for each bag, including a sticker, whistle, top, word search, and zipper pull/key chain–all for about $1.50 per kid.  I also ordered these Lego Star Wars Sticker Sheets, less than $2 for 4 sheets of holographic stickers, which the kids loved.

Lego Star Wars in the Summer

If you end up hosting a Lego Star Wars birthday party in the summer, you can also make light sabers out of pool noodles (cutting the noodle in half, then wrapping one end in duct tape for the handle).  There are tons of ways you could theme outside activities, including a visit to the hot, sandy planet of Tatooine, or an outdoor obstacle course where the kids can be “pod racers” and run through the course…the possibilities are endless.  Just take an activity the kids would enjoy, and see how you can connect it with something in one of the movies!

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