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Frugal Friday: Schedule to Save!


Frugal Friday: Schedule to Save!

Frugal Friday schedule to save

It’s Frugal Friday!  Each week, we’re sharing tips, encouragement, and practical ideas for living a frugal lifestyle.

In a perfect world, we’d be on top of everything and would never have to worry about late fees, fines, or other penalties that cost us extra of our hard-earned money.  Too bad it’s not a perfect world, huh? 🙂  Sometimes we just get busy, sometimes we forget, and we end up paying for it.

This weekend, see if you can set aside an hour or so to take a look at when things are due, and to make yourself aware of what kind of penalties you’ll pay if you’re late.  For instance, if I miss a credit card bill, I’ll be charged a $39 late fee, plus interest on whatever charges are on the card.  So you better believe my Discover due date is always on my radar–any deals I’ve scored would be completely wiped out by those kinds of extra charges!

A while back, I was afraid I’d owe a big fee for renewing my driver’s license 2 ½ weeks late.  I was lucky and didn’t have to pay a penalty (late license plates have a hefty fee though, so be sure to mark that on your calendar!).  Sometimes it’s those things that aren’t regularly scheduled that jump out and get us.  Those every-three-months bills like our garbage pick-up and life insurance aren’t as stamped in my memory bank as the monthly ones. Even little things like overdue library books or DVDs can add up if we’re not careful!

So, get out the red marker, schedule a reminder on your phone or computer, wallpaper your world with Post-it reminders…do whatever works best for you to make sure things don’t get lost in the shuffle, and you’re not wasting money on avoidable fees or penalties!

Which payments or renewals tend to catch you by surprise?  How do you keep on top of those “non-regular” ones to be sure you don’t miss them?  Join the discussion in the comments or on Facebook!

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Megan has been frugal most of her life, but has been really honing her frugal skills as the chief home economist for her family of six, surviving and thriving on a single (teacher’s!) income.  If she can do it, you can too!

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