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Tuesday Tip: Facebook for Free Travel Planning Advice

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Tuesday Tip: Facebook for Free Travel Planning Advice

yosemite fbYosemite is now on my bucket list–I want to climb Half Dome when I grow up!

Planning a trip for this summer?  Check Facebook for official and unofficial pages for your destination!  You’ll get an update several times a week, and will frequently get tips or recommendations in the comments from people who have already been there.  I follow several National Park Facebook pages, both for parks we went to last year (which bring back great memories when I see their updates), and for parks that I’d like to go to (which give me inspiration for future adventures!).  I also followed a few Disney pages for last year’s trip, and a few Outer Banks pages since that’s our go-to beach destination (we’ve been there several times, so those ones are both inspiration and memories!).

There are also Facebook groups that discuss certain locations, and I’ve had some great tips in a Disney World group and a Fort Wilderness Campground group.  Look for a group with good admins (and minimal drama!) with people who are kind and helpful.  Most people will take the time to share their expertise because they love a destination–their enthusiasm can be contagious when planning a trip!  Just remember to take the info with a grain of salt if it’s not from an “official” source, but you can get some fantastic insider tips this way.

If you have questions, you can usually leave a post and get feedback from both the attraction/location and its fans.  I find it’s a great way to get advice and info that can help plan a trip and identify the “must see” activities vs. the ones you could skip if you’re short on time.  I also like to spend a little time doing some Pinterest searching to see if there are some good pages to Pin–both the official web sites and tips from people who have vacationed at my destination.

Do you follow any Facebook pages for your vacation destinations?  Are you a big “trip planner” or do you prefer to be more go-with-the-flow?  Share in the comments or join the discussion on Facebook (I’ll confess I’m a total trip planning nerd!) 🙂

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