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DIY Cleaning Recipes: Make your own Washing Soda from Baking Soda


DIY Cleaning Recipes: Make your own Washing Soda from Baking Soda

You may have noticed that Washing Soda is a popular ingredient in some of our DIY cleaning product recipes, including our Homemade Laundry Detergent recipe and the Homemade Dishwasher Detergent recipe

It can usually be found in the laundry aisle (frequently under the Arm & Hammer label), but it’s not baking soda. 

In this picture, the washing soda is in the big yellow box, and the big orange box to the left of it is baking soda.  The last time I headed to Walmart though, there was a big empty spot between the baking soda and the Borax.  Bummer.

Leave it to the internet to help me find a solution.  Without going into a whole chemistry lesson here, baking soda and washing soda are very similar chemically.  When baking soda is heated, some water molecules evaporate, leaving behind washing soda.

If you want do try this little chemistry experiment on your own, spread baking soda on a cookie sheet and bake it at about 400°. 

You’ll know it’s done when you can see a difference in the texture.  It’ll change from the fluffy, more crystallized look of baking soda to a more grainy, matte finish of washing soda.  Depending on the amount you’re baking, it should be done after 20-30 minutes.  Keep it in an airtight container until you’re ready to use it. 

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