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Cooking with Garden Veggies Green Beans


Cooking with Garden Veggies Green Beans

using garden veggies

My girls LOVE picking green beans from the garden.  It’s only a matter of time before that wears off!  For the time being, I’ll enjoy watching them get excited about finding the best bean and getting excited over the super-long green beans.  There is nothing more satisfying than growing your own food in the garden and providing for your family. It’s another simple way of “loving” my family.  I’ve joined forces again this year with a few other of my favorite peeps in the blog world to bring you a Garden Veggies series all about using your garden vegetables for cooking.  Make sure you check back frequently for Cooking with Garden Vegetables posts.greenbeans


Here’s a hearty green beans recipe. Growing up, we ate this about once a week with potatoes thrown in.   Make sure to stop over and snag the recipe Old Fashioned Green Beans brought to us by Little House Living. 

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