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Cooking on a Shoestring: Monday Meal Planning

Cooking on a Shoestring: Monday Meal Planning

It’s Monday–time to share our dinner-time game plans for the week!  It’s been a few weeks running when the “best laid plans” didn’t quite come true… when a tummy bug pays a visit to your house, the plan goes out the window.  Cereal for dinner?  Worked for us!  🙂

So once again a few repeats get bumped to the following week.  At least I’m able to use last week’s plan as a resource to see what I already have on hand.  We’ll just keep trying to plan for a so-called “normal” week (even normal sometimes looks abnormal around here!) and hope for the best.  Luckily we also have our “Fast Five” ideas on hand in case we get thrown a curve ball…or cheap Life cereal from this week’s Giant Eagle sale (and I’ll try not to take it personally when the bowls of Life get more rave reviews than an actual meal!).

Here’s our plan for this week:

Monday: Dinner at my mom’s  (yay–no cooking!)

Tuesday: Homemade pizza

Wednesday: Baked chicken, rice, green beans

Thursday:  BBQ ribs, baked potatoes, broccoli 

Friday:  Beef stroganoff, noodles, peas

Saturday:  Breakfast for dinner (Something easy–I’ll be gone all day!)

Sunday: Dinner at church for our youth group fundraiser

How about you–what’s on your menu this week?  Join the conversation in the comments or on Facebook!

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