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Cooking on a Shoestring: Monday Meal Planning

Cooking on a Shoestring: Monday Meal Planning

Happy Monday!  Did the nicer weather this weekend turn anyone else’s thoughts to grilling?  It certainly did for me.  This time of year, having grilled food in the meal plan also means keeping an eye on the weather forecast (and here in Ohio, having a last-minute substitute available in case the weather tuns ridiculous!), but still…it’s nice to know we can start making grilling a more regular part of the routine again!

Here’s our plan for this coming week…we may adjust “grill night” depending on the forecast, but we’re all looking forward to our cheeseburgers whenever the weather cooperates.

Monday: Taco Night (bumped from last week)

Tuesday: Baked chicken, rice, green beans

Wednesday: Cheese ravioli, salad, carrots, garlic bread

Thursday:  Out to eat with friends

Friday:  Cheeseburgers on the grill, baked French fries, peas

Saturday:  French toast, sausage links, fresh fruit

Sunday: Ham loaf, homemade Mac & cheese, broccoli

How about you–what’s on your menu this week?  Join the conversation in the comments or on Facebook!

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