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Chemical-Free Insect Control


Chemical-Free Insect Control

Chemical Free Insect Control

Sometimes at this time of year, we notice some unwanted “visitors” in our homes.  And while we might admire the industrious little ant family’s hard work in gathering the kids’ abandoned cracker crumbs from the kitchen floor, we aren’t about to allow them to set up permanent residence! 🙂

Especially in the kitchen (since I have four kids who are occasionally known to observe the “5-second rule”), I don’t like to use harsh chemicals to get rid of bugs.  Ant traps can mean a separate trip to the store, but you may have something on hand that could do the trick.

How about handy dandy Borax?  It’s a main ingredient in both Homemade Laundry Detergent and Homemade Dishwasher Detergent.  Apparently ants don’t like walking on it, and if they eat it it messes with their digestive system (not quite sure how they figured either of those out, but I’ll take their word for it…).  Whatever the reason, the ants don’t feel like sticking around once I sprinkle it in the area they’re visiting.

A note to those with pets and kids: although Borax is less toxic than many harsher bug killers, it still shouldn’t be ingested by pets or children.  I sprinkled it on the floor after the kids were in bed, and swept up the area the next morning before they could get into it.    You wouldn’t want to let a dog or cat lick up a bunch of it.  I think it would take a fair amount to make a pet or child sick, but still–better safe than sorry!  Keep the pets and kids away from the area if you use this tip.

I love that it’s another convenient use for an item that I already have in the cabinet.  Hooray for simplicity, a cheap quick fix, and keeping harsher chemicals out of the house!


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