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Fluffy White Frosting Recipe

Fluffy White Frosting Recipe Here’s a standard frosting recipe in our home.  This is a just a plain old-fashioned fluffy white frosting that has been handed down throughout the generations.  Perfect for any cake or cupcake. Save Print Fluffy White…


HoHo Sheet Cake Recipe

HoHo Sheet Cake Recipe If you’re looking for a decadent holiday cake that will feed the masses, the HoHo Sheet Cake Recipe will meet both of those requirements! I have a large holiday party each year and this is always…


Meatball Stew Recipe

Meatball Stew Recipe There are a few things that I think of when I want something comforting on these bitter cold days. While I think many of our minds usually wander towards a steamy soup or a slow cooked roast,…


Work Together. Play Together. Family Farm

We’ve acquired quite a few animals at the Steigerwald farm. What started out as my dream has soon become the whole family’s enjoyment. My husband has grown fond of the personalities and fun that animals bring. It’s ironic, I grew up…


Owl Cupcakes

Owl Cupcakes What a HOOT these are! Super-simple Owl Cupcakes that will steal the show at any Fall or Birthday party.  Ingredients Cake Mix Buttercream Frosting Reeses Pieces Chocolate or Vanilla Sandwich Cream Cookies Directions Mix your cake mix as directed…


Apples and their Uses: an Apple Guide

It’s almost time to start heading out to the orchards for apple picking! We’ve put together Apples and their Uses: an Apple Guide.  Be sure to share or Pin this handy guide for types of apples and their uses:  Apples…