Walgreens Balance Rewards sign-up began today

Walgreens is rolling out a new loyalty card called Balance Rewards.  Online sign-up for the card began today, and I checked it out to see what it was like.  Pretty quick and painless since I already had a Walgreens account–I just signed in with my email address and gave a little more information.

  • Enrollment has begun online and in stores.  There is a 10 Million Point Giveaway online for referring your friends.
  • Starting Sept. 16, you’ll need the card for sale prices (much like Rite Aid and CVS).
  • You’ll earn points with each purchase, and you’ll start seeing deals in ads that offer bonus points.  You can also earn points for things that keep you healthy, like the Walk with Walgreens program, immunizations, and (in some states) prescriptions.
  • Points can be saved and redeemed for instant savings: 5,000 = $5, 10,000 = $10, 18,000 = $20, 30,000 = $35, 40,000 = $50.
  • Points are valid for three years, as long as you shop Walgreens at least once every six months.
  • You will not earn points on the purchase when you redeem your rewards.  So when you redeem, try not to redeem on items that would give bonus points–just find sale items, use coupons, and get stuff for free.  If you’re redeeming $5, split your purchase so you redeem your $5, then earn bonus points on everything else in a second purchase.
  • Contrary to reports I’ve seen, Walgreens have confirmed that RRs are NOT GOING AWAY!  I suspect that eventually there might not be as many freebie/high-value ones as they get more into the Balance Points, but RRs are here for the forseeable future.
  • The program begins September 16.   

You can read the entire Balance Rewards Fact Sheet here.  Let us know what you think!


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