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Visiting Hartville Kitchen and Collectibles, Hartville Marketplace and Hartville Hardware


Visiting Hartville Kitchen and Collectibles, Hartville Marketplace and Hartville Hardware

My husband, kids and father and mother-in-law had the opportunity to explore and enjoy the Hartville Campus inlcuding: Hartville Kitchen and Collectibles, Hartville Marketplace and Hartville Hardware.  What a beautiful and enjoyable day we had!  The above stores and restaurants provided me either gift cards or free meals in return for my honest review. All pictures below are my own. 

Sarah's Grille

   We opened the campus up on Saturday morning, being one of the first to arrive! We started our morning off at Sarah’s Grille.  I had the home fries, egg and ham plate above – with Meghan eating most of the ham.  It was very tasty. My in-laws opted for a breakfast sandwich and the girls had pancakes (a very generous portion) for the cost!  Although I took a picture of the breakfast menu, there’s a full menu for lunch, dinner and snack items!  


          The Hartville Marketplace opens at 9, but you can enjoy the outdoor market until the indoor portion opens up. 
The day that we went was filled with vendors. On a busy day, there can be up to 12 acres of outdoor vendors.  When filled, you can shop for your treasures with over 1,000 vendors in the outdoor area alone! I stopped for my weekly produce. I purchased the best watermelon of the summer there. SO good! 

          Indoors, you’ll find such a large selection of unique vendors. The indoor marketplace is 3 acres and open all year long! There are over 100 permanent shops.  When I posted on Facebook that I would be going to Hartville Marketplace and asked for favorite stores – quite a few popped up.  Some of your favorites included Dumas Meats, Pierogi Lady (made a purchase of these, Yum!), R Grocery Outlet, Vita’s Clothier, Hartville Chocolate, The Lego Man and more. You can find the Facebook thread HERE.  I also stopped by and purchased homemade pasta from Pappardelles and talked with the owner. She gave up her career in accounting to pursue her love of making pasta. I bought a pound of the basil garlic linguine – it was delicious! I also purchased some Olive Oil from the Olive Tap and used that.  While at the indoor market, I also found some great accessories for spirit wear for Mia (have to dress her up, while I can – right?)

My mother-in-law, Frances, with Mia and Meghan
My mother-in-law, Frances, with Mia and Meghan

       Next we headed to my husband’s favorite spot of the day, Hartville Hardware! This is one IMPRESSIVE hardware store.  Actually it’s not just a hardware store, it’s a Home Superstore! You can see my husband trying out and wishing for one of the many John Deere tractors and mowers.  What you don’t see, is that the other tractors are all taken up by children 😕  The store is so big that it has several spec homes within the structure and offers a lot of style and design ideas. We also checked out the replacement windows, since that’s on our to-do list at home. They offered a variety and we found a match for our unique colored woodwork.  I purchased a few accessories for canning this year. My husband purchased a toolbox that he will use as a tackle box and some Carhartt gloves. The outdoor home improvement area is beautiful as well. Visiting Hartville Hardware, just made my “Home Wish List” grow even more.  It’s a beautiful place, you have to see it.

hartville Kitchen    We had lunch at the Hartville Kitchen. My father-in-law and mother-in-law were most excited about lunch! Anytime there is a birthday that she plans, we’re heading to the Hartville Kitchen.  The food is so good AND consistent!  I’m hooked on the same thing. I get the broiled fish, mashed potatoes, sweet potato casserole (dessert!!) and a salad! The salad always comes out picture perfect. Topped with one of the notorious Hartville Kitchen dressings, and it’s the best salad around. I love the poppyseed dressing!  Jim got a  chicken sandwich and fries.  My MIL and FIL both got fish and the girls split a chicken dinner.  We ended with a homemade pie. Jim had chocolate peanut butter pie and I had fresh peach pie (not canned!). Each were topped with wedding cream – my girls call whipped cream wedding cream 😉

hartville collectibles

     We finished out our day visiting Hartville Collectibles. I love looking at all of the timeless and trendy collectibles. My girls especially love the large children’s section including Melissa & Doug learning toys!  I was able to find Meghan a pair of Crocs on clearance. I also picked up some Fall table settings for the house.  I had stopped here last year for Christmas to purchase a Pandora bead for a friend. They have a large selection of many popular collectibles including Willow Tree, Swarovski, Precious Moments, Ohio State, and SO many more!

     Definitely plan on making it a day for your family. We were there for six hours and didn’t even get to see and cover everything. It really is a full day!  Let us know what sites we missed in the Hartville Campus. I’d love for this to be a comprehensive review for others to reference! 

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