Use Walmart Layaway and Price Matching to beat the Black Friday insanity!

If you’re a Black Friday shopper, this post is going to be life-changing…or at least Black-Friday-changing!

Would you rather:

A.  Stand in line in the cold in the middle of the night on Black Friday and risk getting trampled by a bunch of crazies


B.  Pick out what you want this week in peace, stash it somewhere, and pay for it in the middle of the afternoon on Black Friday, when everyone else is at home taking naps?

If “B” sounds more appealing, here’s how!

Walmart expert Paul from I Heart the Mart has confirmed that if you place an item in layaway now, and pay it off in full on Black Friday, they will honor the Black Friday price.  The beautiful thing is that you can pay for the item and price match to the Black Friday ad any time the Black Friday prices are in effect (Thursday and Friday), but you won’t have to race to get items that are in stock on the sales floor. 

But wait, it gets better!  Walmart will price match any competitor’s store ad.  So you can use this strategy for any store’s Black Friday ad, as long as the item is an exact match, and the times and other terms of the sale ad are met. 

Here’s a summary of Paul’s interview with the Director of Communications and Community Relations at Walmart (you can see the full interview HERE, plus Paul’s YouTube video):

1. Find the items you want from the Walmart Black Friday Ad 2012 and go put them on Layaway (Walmart Layaway Policy) anytime from NOW until Wednesday before Thanksgiving.
2. You are NOT Allowed to price match the items right now, it will be put on Layaway at the current Walmart Price.
3. Go to Walmart Anytime the Black Friday Price is Available (Thursday or Friday) and Price Match to the Black Friday Ad.
4. You MUST pay in full on Friday to get the Black Friday Price- you must close out your Layaway contract or it will stay at the full purchase price
5. You can do this with other stores Black Friday Ads- Yes… REALLY
6. PRINT THIS POST (Paul’s original post) and take it with you.
If you are Price matching other stores’ Black Friday Ads it must be to the EXACT same item. All dates AND times apply.
You can check out the best Black Friday deals (both from Walmart, and from other stores to price match) HERE.
Paul emailed us with some further clarification about some of the questions that were raised.  Here’s what you need to know:

Paul says:

  •  Walmart Layaway is SUPPOSED to be open from 9-9 on Black Friday. They do allow store managers to make adjustments based on store needs. If yours isn’t that sucks and I’m sorry!
  • Walmart Black Friday “Special Buy” items will have different bar codes for the most part so items like TV’s Computers, Blu Ray Players and Movies will most likely not be able to use the Layaway Black Friday Strategy. It will work on Games and toys because those items should not have the special bar codes.
  • Competitor Black Friday items that Walmart carries will be able to use this strategy. For example: Target has Model XOXO776 in their Black Friday ad AND walmart carries Model XOXO776, you can put that item on Layaway and Price Match ON Black Friday (if your store is open) provided the sale time has not ENDED. It will have to be deleted to get the lower price.
  • Do not confuse start times with end times. Walmart will have 3 sales going on at the same time, they may run out of stock but the sale is still running. If your item is in Layaway it is IN stock.
  • **Walmart Items** The registers are what determines what price the item is sold at, if an item is in Layaway you do not technically buy it until you pay off the layaway item. The registers AUTOMATICALLY give you the sale price if you close it out during a sale period. So do not worry about deleting items from layaway or any other nonsense, if you have it in layaway you have it in stock. The last two bullet points cover the ” Walmart will only PM BF items that start in Event 3″  Event 1 and 2 End Friday at Midnight, the registers don’t know anything except for the times the sales run, if you have the item you will get the lower price. Period.
  • It is my understanding that Walmart sent a memo that they will Price Match Online Competitor Prices during the holiday season IF that competitor has a Brick and Mortar presence in that area. My store confirmed it, YMMV

So in summary, this the whole layaway/pay things off on Black Friday thing won’t work on “Special Buy” items, since they’ll have the different UPCs.  But it looks like this strategy should still work for some of those mid-priced items that aren’t the insane doorbusters, but are still great deals.  It’ll also work on EXACT matches for competitor’s ads, but make sure both the item and the sale times will match.  Check with your local Walmart to make sure their hours for Layaway pick-up on Black Friday.  They’re supposed to open at 9 a.m., but local stores may vary.

Here’s Paul’s video that does a great job of explaining things:

A HUGE Thank You to Paul from I Heart the Mart for all the information and clarification, and for sharing it with us!

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    • Megan says

      It could be possible–check the fine print in the Black Friday ads really carefully to see if they mention special UPC or item numbers, and compare them to what’s in stock. This might not work for every item, but it could be helpful for items that do match up.

  1. melissa says

    my brother says this wont work at the walmart he works at because the layaway department will be closed during the black friday sale and he says yes some of the barcodes will be different for some of the items that will be put out just for the sale.

    • Megan says

      Layaway is supposed to open at 9 a.m. on Black Friday…hopefully it’ll work for some things, but once again, watch those bar codes and the fine print in the ads! :)

      • Dana says

        I work at Walmart and have been proccessing the Black Friday (really Thursday this year) sale items and they made special barcodes for almost all the really good stuff this year, not like in years past where it was same as whats on the shelf.

        • Megan says

          Bleh. Thanks for the heads up, even if it’s not the best news :( Hope you have a not-terribly-insane work day next week and that people are kind and patient with you and your co-workers!


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