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Tuesday Tip: Make a written budget


Tuesday Tip: Make a written budget


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I bet lots of us made a New Year’s Resolution to be more on top of our finances.  The year is almost half over…so how ya doin’?  🙂  I’ve mentioned before in our Frugal Friday series the importance of having a written budget.  If you don’t tell your money where to go, you’ll find that it “goes” all kinds of places before you realize it!  A while back, Dave Ramsey shared a really great Free Budget Printable on his Facebook page.  I really respect Dave Ramsey’s plans for financial freedom and living debt-free.  His first step is to get control of your spending by creating a written budget, and this printable form is a great way to do it.  Why not print it out today, and make a plan for the month of July?

Looking for more inspiration to get your budget under control and get on the road to being debt free?  Check out our Frugal Friday series for more tips on budgeting, frugal living, and much more!

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