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Tuesday Tip: Finding Balance

Tuesday Tip: Finding Balance

Using coupons is a way to turn a little time and effort into great money savings.  But it’s also common, especially for beginning couponers, to feel pressure to snag every deal out there.  The secret is to find the right balance for you; the place where you’re happy with both the time and energy you put into it, and the free and cheap deals you get out of it.

We try to be selective in the deals we present to you, sharing the very best coupons and matchups for the shoestring budget.  Still, we cover seven stores, four major coupon web sites, and the best deals available online.  Trying to score all the deals out there could make you crazy, and that’s definitely not the best plan.

If you’re feeling some of that pressure, take a step back and figure out the best way to make things work for you.  For me, it’s focusing on one grocery store, the most convenient drug store, and the very occasional trip to Target or Walmart.  It also means weighing the deal with the effort it will take to get it (Hmmm…is free gum at Rite Aid really worth taking three small, cranky boys into the store?  Last week the answer was a resounding NO!

It’s okay to have times that you let things slide.  Most sales run in cycles, so it’s very rare that there’s actually a once-in-a-lifetime deal.  There will be other times that you’ll be able to devote more time and energy.  Make couponing work for you so you can feel the rush of scoring your top deals, rather than feeling stress over what you’re missing. 

How do you find a good coupon/deal balance?

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