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Tuesday Tip: Financial Planning Printables

Tuesday Tip: Financial Planning Printables

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Shopping on a Shoestring is great for your family’s finances, but it’s only one component of working toward financial freedom.  A written budget can help you see where your money goes each month, and help you decide if anything could be cut, adjusted, or given higher priority.  Hopefully, we help you cut your expenses on food and health & beauty items so you can devote more toward paying down debt or saving for the future. 

Our friends over at 5 Dollar Dinners shared some great free printables to help you get your finances in order.  They were created by Erin Huffstetler at About.com Frugal Living, and like last week’s organizational tools, they’re really useful and super cute, which helps in such a tedious (but worthwhile!) chore.  My favorites include:

Budget Worksheet

the Budget Worksheet–a comprehensive overview of your planned monthly expenses

Monthly Spending Worksheet

the Monthly Spending Worksheet–for recording a month’s worth of actual expenses to track where your money is going

Annual Spending Worksheet

the Annual Spending Worksheet–to assess your annual spending needs and help you budget for them on a monthly basis

Financial Goals Worksheet

and the Financial Goals Worksheet, which helps you plan short- and long-term savings goals and help you make them part of your monthly budget.

There’s also a Debt Load Worksheet, Net Worth Worksheet, Can You Make It on One Income?, and two more meal planners, a Weekly Meal Plan Worksheet, and a Monthly Meal Plan Calendar.

All of these are ©Erin Huffstetler, but they are offered for personal use at About.com Frugal Living.  Print some out today, and take control of your finances!

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