Tuesday Tip: Check Product Web Sites for Coupons


Product web sites

We help you build your stockpiles with the things your family needs, matching the best newspaper and printable coupons with sales at the store.  Sometimes though, we need something that wasn’t in the sale ad or coupon matchup.  Like the time a few years ago when I discovered that some “little friends” had hitched a ride home from school on my first grader’s head.  (Megan’s kid…I definitely don’t want Sara or Melinda taking the blame for this one!) ;)

Before I ran to Rite Aid (and after closing my bedroom door and saying eeeewwww!!), I grabbed the computer and hit up RID’s web site.  Sure enough, I was able to print some great coupons, which combined with my 20% Gold Level discount at Rite Aid, helped take a little of the sting out of a not-so-fun purchase.  That’s just one example, but so many web sites offer printable coupons for their products.  We try to find as many as we can when we share our coupon matchups, but it’s hard to catch all of them, especially as they can change or pop up without a lot of notice.

In addition to the products’ web sites, products frequently offer coupons or special promotions on their Facebook pages as well.  If there are products your family uses frequently, it might be worth “liking” them on Facebook to be eligible for these promotions.

You can always search our Coupon Database for links to printable coupons on product web sites as well!

So that’s today’s quick and easy Tuesday Tip: take a second to check product web sites before making a purchase, and you’ll probably save yourself a few bucks!


  1. gretchen says

    To add to this one, I always check the website of any new prescription meds prescribed by our family’s doctors. Not always, but often I can score at least $10 off my co-pay! It definately helps! Unfortunately, anyone covered by a government prescription program (medicare, medicaid), isn’t able to use the coupons, but if you have private insurance it can save you hundreds a year!

  2. Laura says

    I have a proven remedy to help evict those “little friends.” Leave Denorex shampoo on hair for approximately 1/2 hour the first day and then use coconut shampoo and conditioner the following days. Apparently, those annoying house guests do not like the scent of coconut. With that and combing hair with a nit comb you should be in the clear. Good luck!

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