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Tuesday Tip: Calling Customer Service

Tuesday Tip: Calling Customer Service

It’s great when everything goes right with a purchase, but there’s hope if you have a problem.  Most stores are eager to keep their valued customers’ business, and they are willing to help make things right.

Some problems can be fixed right in the store at the time of purchase.  For instance, if a Catalina OYNO doesn’t print at Giant Eagle, you can usually go to the customer service desk with your receipt right away, and they can take care of it for you.

If you discover a problem after you leave the store, call the customer service phone number on your receipt.  If you have a store loyalty card (like Giant Eagle’s Advantage Card or Rite Aid’s Wellness Card) have that ready too.  Giant Eagle Customer Service recently credited my Advantage Card for a box of defective garbage bags, and Rite Aid Customer Service has helped in the past when a +Up didn’t print.  Be calm and polite when you call, and usually you’ll find help on the other end of the line. 

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