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Soup Season – Yeah!


Soup Season – Yeah!

Fall means Soup!  We would love to share some of YOUR favorite and FRUGAL Soups with readers.

My most recent batch of quick soup cost less than $1! 
Now it’s not “homemade” by any means, but it makes for a quick, cheap, and easy dinner after a long day at work (you know where I’m coming from☺).

Cheap Chicken Noodle Soup!
No Yolk Noodles (FREE from last winter – however, a 50¢/1 is coming out Sunday)
Bird’s Eye Frozen Mixed Veggies (anywhere from FREE to 33¢)
Chicken thighs and legs (was $1.59 lb and used $1/1 Nature’s Bounty at GE)
Miller’s Chicken Base (a staple in our family – $3.99 for container with MULTIPLE servings!)

Boil your water and base. Throw in your chicken (I throw in whole and then pull it out after it firms up and cut or shred). Steam your veggies in the microwave. Throw in your noodles and lastly your veggies. Add your spices ~ makes it appear as a valiant effort! I always add in some basil.

Email us your FRUGAL soup! We’d love to post YOUR Frugal Soup!

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