Rite Aid, Walgreens and Target Matchups Print and Take

Did you see the Print and Take label to the left?  You’ll have to add all of the extras that pop up through the week, but it’s a good guide.
Remember you cannot access the printables from the Print and Take – you’ll need to go to the original blog post for that.

Unfortunately, Scribd has changed their format. It is out of our control. We’d love to have it back the same way too!  Here are a few helpful tips:

  • You can subscribe to Scribd and access the P&T – you can find us under SistersShopping
  • The Print and Take works best when working out of  FireFox
  • You can download into Word from Scribd.com

If you ARE finding success with the Print & Take, please let others know how. We are not experiencing the same difficulties others are.

First way to access
Rite Aid, Wags, Target P&T 6/12- 6/18

Second way to access
[scribd id=57603928 key=key-1nvd1rw1tgf5g6dtedn1 mode=list]

Third way to access
Rite Aid, Wags, Target P&T 6-12!6!18

Last way to access

Scribd.com under SistersShopping

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