Organization Tip

Shopping while pulling your coupons and gathering new coupons can become a disaster real quick:Here's what we do:Have an envelope prepared for each store you plan to go toAs you pull the coupons from your binder or organizer, put them in the envelopeIn the attached zippered pencil case of the binder … [Read more...]


We are NO Longer shipping binders.If you are interested in a binder, you can contact us through email (top of the page). Then, arrangements can be made to pick it up. The key to being a successful couponer is ORGANIZATION! All of our binders zip shut to keep coupons secure!Medium Zippered - Shoulder … [Read more...]


Welcome to Sisters Shopping on a Shoestring! We are Sara Steigerwald and Lisa Steigerwald, sister-in-laws and partners in $avings.A little funny fact that explains a lot - Sisters Shopping on a Shoestring got started unintentionally! With ALL of our savings and freebies, we have been able to give … [Read more...]