No more Red Plums in the Akron Beacon Journal

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Just in case you missed last week’s Facebook discussion, we’ve confirmed that the Akron Beacon Journal will no longer have the Red Plum inserts each week.  They will be direct-mailed to homes in the Akron area, like they do in the Cleveland area. 

So what to do if you want extra Red Plum coupons?  If you live in the southern part of the Akron area, you might be able to find the Canton Repository in stores and buy extras of those.  You can also try the printable Red Plum coupons, which are released each Sunday morning, and usually have many of the same coupons included in the inserts (keep in mind that the best ones frequently disappear early!). 

You can also ask family and friends to save theirs for you, or if there’s a particular coupon you really want, try eBay or other coupon clipping services for extras. 


  1. The Record Courier has the Red Plum insert in Portage County, but just for the “record”, I’m not happy about having to buy it just for that!
  2. shirley says:
    can anyone help me to get the red plum insert..akron beacon my paper stopped it?? which papers carry this for sure? thanks shiryl
  3. Make sure you check for all your inserts before buying. My area mails the Red Plums also and even papers that typically carry the Red Plums don’t get them in my area.
  4. The good news is the the Record Courier is only $1 for the Sunday edition!
  5. so how do you get it mailed to you? do you have to request it? We have a Beacon sub but I have neither recived them in the paper nor the mail..

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