Giant Eagle- Cheap Viva Paper Towels

You can score some cheap or free Viva Paper Towels at Giant Eagle.  There is a new unadvertised catalina on Viva Single Roll Paper Towels.  Here is how it breaks down.

Viva Paper Towels (single roll), $1.99 – (Runs through 8/7/11)
Get $2.50 OYNO wyb 4 or more
Get $1.50 OYNO wyb 3
Get $1 OYNO wyb 4

Buy (4) Viva Single Rolls, $1.99 ($7.96)
– (4) 60¢/1 Viva Big Rolls, 7/17 SS
OOP: $3.16 and Earn $2.50 OYNO
FP: 17¢ each, four for 68¢

OR (if you have the 85¢ coupon – we did NOT see this in the Canton Repository or the Cleveland Plain Dealer)

Buy (4) Viva Single Rolls, $1.99 ($7.96)
– (4) 85¢/1 Viva Big Rolls, 7/17 SS
OOP: $1.16, Earn $2.50 OYNO

Thanks Saving in Akron


  1. lisa cataldo williams says

    It was in the Pittsburgh Post Gazette…which we purchased. Actually I went through the SS in the PPG to see if it did have the 85 cent coupon because we go through paper towels like crazy as my husband uses them instead of tissues and has horrific hayfever and allergies. (I found this really weird, but met another US/UK couple and her husband uses paper towel instead of kleenex too.) We only bought 12 papers, kinda wishing we’d gotten more as I have a hard time finding time finding deals on paper towel (or any paper goods).

  2. Dawn Stitt says

    I have 10 -.60 cent off coupons for these paper towels. If I purchase 4 in the first transaction I should get $2.50…can I do another transaction buying 4 more rolls and get another $2.50 catalina? Then can I do a third transaction with my last two coupons and get a $1.oo catalina?

    Thanks for all your help!!!

  3. Theresa says

    Dawn, it’s been my experience that yes, you can do that AND you can also use the first $2.50 Catalina to pay for the 2nd transaction, and you can use the 2nd Catalina to pay for the third, etc (unless your OOP is so small that you don’t need a Catalina that large to pay for the transaction). It’s NOT like Walgreen’s where if you use a Catalina to pay for another similar transaction, the 2nd Catalina won’t print.


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