Giant Eagle Accepts Competitor’s Coupons

According to Giant Eagle’s Coupon Policy effective 8/21/12, Giant Eagle accepts competitor coupons.  

Giant Eagle Competitor Coupons that seem acceptable include:

  • Store Coupon for a dollar amount off a certain product  (i.e. BJs  – $2/1 All coupon )
  • Store Coupons for a dollar amount off a certain purchase amount  (i.e. – Gordon Foods Service $10/$50 purchase) 
  • Printable Store Coupons for a dollar amount off a certain product  (i.e. – Target  Printable $1/2 Bic Pens)

Giant Eagle Competitor Coupons that are NOT acceptable 

  • Store Coupon for a % amount off a certain product  (i.e. Dollar General   – 10%  All coupon )
  • Store Coupons for a % off a certain purchase amount  (i.e. – Gordon Foods Service 10% off  purchase) 
  • Printable Store Coupons for a dollar amount off a certain product  over $3  (i.e. – $5/$25 Family Dollar Printable)

You can find the Giant Eagle Competitor Coupon Policy below:

Competitor Coupons

  • We accept competitor coupons provided they are from a grocery, convenience store or pharmacy retailer. We will not accept restaurant coupons.
  • Must be for dollars or cents off a total order or a specific product. We are not able to accept % off competitor coupons. 
  • All competitor coupons must comply with the overall coupon policy above in terms of valid expiration dates, stacking, item limits, printed coupons, photocopies, etc.
  • Competitor coupons will not be accepted through self-checkout register lanes.
  • Competitor coupons are not subject to doubling.
  • Management reserves the right to refuse any competitor coupon that appears to be fraudulent and the right to substitute any offer for an offer of similar value. Additional restrictions may apply to prescription offers, see pharmacy for details.

What works for you? 


  1. Kerry says

    Most of what I have taken has worked. The one Acme coupon from back when on the cheese worked, the GFS coupon works (even though some cashiers say no, but they are supposed to take it according to the managers), and the target coupons have worked fine for me.

  2. Cara says

    They told me last week that if it’s a $5 off a certain amount coupon, you have to spend that certain amount ($25 or whatever) AFTER coupons in order to use it. So you can’t just get $25 worth of stuff, use that $5 off coupon, and then use a bunch of manufacturer’s coupons to bring it down lower. I’ve done that before, but they told me last week they’d just clarified the policy to be that way. Could just be Dover. And could just be certain cashiers, I suppose, but it’s good to at least know it could be an issue.

    • matilda says

      I alway hand them my $5 coupon first then other coupons, I hope thats not a new policy b/c I love my GFS coupons at giant eagle! I even just bought a coupon book that my nephew was selling b/c it had $30 worth of gfs coupons in it lol

      • Cara says

        Yeah, I always do the competitor coupon first, but that’s that they told me. Like I said, it could vary by store or cashier though. I hope so! :)

  3. Melany M says

    My Giant Eagle has stated specifically that they WILL take competitors coupons (Newark, Ohio) but will NOT take that coupon if it specifically states “redeemable ONLY at…” Even if it’s a store coupon, and an obvious not bar coded one at that, but it doesn’t say “only at” they will take it. Weird, but true.

  4. Stacey says

    I went to the Giant Eagle in Wadsworth just today and was able to use the $5 off $25 from Dollar General. They didn’t say anything. I didn’t even know about this change!! And I did 2 transactions both $26 then after that coupon and others only paid a couple bucks. I will definately ask before I do it again!

  5. meg says

    I’m confused about this. I have been using $5 off $25 coupons from save a lot for a few months with absolutely no problems. Is this policy for non corporate owned stores or for all of them? I always try my very best not to do something against store coupon policies. I have never had a cashier say anything about not being able to use them.


    I think the key word is printable = Printable Store Coupons for a dollar amount off a certain product over $3 (i.e. – $5/$25 Family Dollar Printable)

    Just like their regular coupon policy on printable, nothing over $3, B1G1 or FREE.

    It does seem that acceptable coupons do vary per store though. There’s not a lot of consistency.

  7. lindsey says

    I just went to giant eagle. They wouldn’t accept my acme coupons (the $2 off Kraft, and $1 off hamburger when you buy 3 manwich) because they aren’t scannable she said. They did accept my $5 off gfs coupon. Also I purchased $9.99 worth of Unilever items that were listed and my $3 oyno didn’t print so I called customer service. The Guy said “it didn’t print because you only spent $9.99 not $10.” I didn’t think a penny would matter but obviously it does and I’m a little mad. Just a heads up.

    • Megan says

      Giant Eagle doesn’t round up at all…at CVS a penny won’t matter, but at GE and Rite Aid it has to be the given amount or more. Sorry you ran into trouble!

    • Elyse says

      I was just at the Wadsworth GE and bought exactly $10 worth of the Unilever products and my $3OYNO did not print out. When I went to customer service they said it’s because the $10 has to be AFTER coupons. I have never had that problem at any other GE. It’s always before coupons. They gave me the $3 but just a heads up this might be an issue at other Giant Eagles.

  8. Katie says

    I guess what do you consider printable. The 5/25 I use at my giant eagle is a recept printable. Or do they consider printable as “computer printable”. Kind of subject to interpretation.

    • Megan says

      I think it’s computer printable (this is just my interpretation of it, and of course a store customer service might think differently…) but their coupon policy seems to focus on Internet printable coupons, which are the ones you print off from your computer.

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