FREE Dog Food at Walmart!

purinaone Purina One Dog Food For $2 Using the $4/1 Purina One coupon from 10/9 SS

Purina One Beyond Dog Food (1lb) $2.57
-$4/1 from  10/9 SS
FP:  FREE + Overage

If you don’t have a dog, use the OVERAGE for yourself and donate to the local food pantry or humane shelter!

You can find all of the best Walmart Deals HERE


    • adina says

      Hey there Lindsey… They only sell Cat Food in the 1lb box for $2.57 . The coupon is $4 off …I used the dog food coupon because the coupon is for Purina One it says any size any variety it worked at the register. $1.43 overage each box!!!!

        • says

          How did you use the $4/1 coupon on cat food.. That would be great I am almost out.. The coupon states “on one (1) package of Purina ONE brand beyOnd Dry Dog Food, any size, any variety”
          Please help me figure this out I have 5 coupons but dont want to get to the register & have them say I can’t use them.. Any help is appreciated.

          Thank you,

  1. Erin says

    I went to 2 different Walmart’s and neither of them had the one pound bag (not even that they were sold out, they just didn’t have it). I have been having trouble finding a significant amount of the deals that Sister website posts.

  2. Victoria says

    I went to try and use my purina one dog food coupon and the dog food rang up at 6 dollars and some thing . I was woundering is this for a sertain area?

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