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What does that mean? Learn Coupon Lingo HERE.


Where do you get your coupons?

  • NEWSPAPERS – The majority of the coupons we use come from the Sunday paper.  However, not all papers carry the same coupon inserts. Metro papers often have coupons that smaller areas do not have. In addition, different regions are targeted for different coupons.  RedPlum mails coupon inserts to city areas and the mailed inserts have different coupons than those found in the paper.
  • COMPUTER - Printable coupons are readily available on the Internet.
    • Printable coupons ARE manufacturer coupons unless they are a STORE coupon.  Manufacturer’s printable coupons CAN NOT be stacked with a paper manufacturer coupon.
    • Companies only put so many printable coupons in circulation. Once that quota has been met, you are no longer able to print the coupon. You may be told that you printed the coupon already, the print campaign is over, the print limit has been reached, or reach a 404 error page.
    • You can generally get TWO prints per coupon. If you are using Firefox, hit the back button and resend. If you are using Internet Explorer, hit the back button numerous times until you see the computer sending to the printer for the second time.
  • STORES – You can find many coupons littered throughout stores and convenience stores. Many stores have taken them off of the floors because people are taking more than their share. Coupon etiquette is 2-4 coupons.
    • Blinkie – coupon from a little machine placed next to the product generating a coupon. Be careful, stores that double often have coupons coded with a 9 – which will not double.
    • Peelie or Hangtag – both are placed on the product.  In order to acquire the coupon, you must purchase the product. Stripping peelies and hangtags is bad couponing.
    • Tearpads – coupons found on or near a product display.
  • DIRECT MAIL - Larger companies offer direct mail campaigns. When these become available, sign up. They often have high values and longer expiration dates.
  • MAGAZINESAll You is the premier couponer’s magazine. We both have subscriptions to this magazine. The coupons far outweigh the cost of the magazine. This magazine can  be found exclusively at WalMart for $2.49 or you can get it HERE for 83¢ an issue! When you purchase All You through Sisters Shopping on a Shoestring, we put ALL proceeds towards charities. We have been able to donate over $5,500 cash to  local charities! Check out which charities benefited HERE. You can get a 30 month subscription for $25! Click HERE (allow 6-8 weeks).   Other magazines may have occasional coupons – so always keep your eyes open.