Excedrin Review and $140 Basket Give Away!


Excedrin Migraine Relaxation Basket Giveaway

I have suffered from migraines since I was a teenager.  I got this lucky gene from my mother.  I get them frequently and anything from stress, hormones, scents, nuts, two toddlers and occasionally my husband can cause them ;-)   I have shots and nasal medication to help, but always resort to Excedrin

first.  If  I’m fortunate to get migraine warning signs (not always the case),  such as  light and sound sensitivity, droopy eyelid, scalp sensitivity and lack of clarity (beyond my usual :-? ), I can take the Excedrin and ward off a full-blown migraine.  After Excedrin, one thing I find to be really helpful  when a migraine starts to kick in is sitting in a dark, quiet, cool room with a cool pack on my head. 

More Information
You can find more information on migraines HERE including a few interesting facts:

  • 8 in 10 migraine sufferers feel that their family suffers as much as they do because of the impact that it has on their ability to maintain a regular routine
  • 3/4 of the migraine sufferers interviewed would give up something for an entire year in order to never go through the pain of a migraine ever again
  • Women are three times more likely to suffer from migraines than men

The Prizes! (valued at $140 each!)

Excedrin has put together a Migraine Sanity Gift Basket for
THREE  fellow Sister and Mister Shoppers!

Full-value coupon for any one Excedrin Migraine product (max value $13.99)

A therapeutic neck wrap that can be heated or frozen
Swarovski Crystal Ear Buds to listen to relaxing music
A soothing gel eye mask
$15 iTunes gift card to purchase relaxing tunes
$50 American Express gift card for additional stress-free needs
Foot massager
Back massager

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stating each entry.

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7. Leave a comment below as to what your migraine triggers are (1 entry)
*Prizes and Coupons are sponsored by Excedrin Sisters Shopping on a Shoestring also received a gift basket provided by Excedrin.


  1. Mary Jo Sirohman says

    Migraine trigger: lack of caffeine. I only need one cup of coffee a day but if I dont get it….its not good :(

  2. deb lehrer says

    My migraines are usually triggered by stress. Have suffered with them since childhood. Always keep Excedrin Migraine available to use–really helps to lessen duration and severity of the pain.

  3. deb lehrer says

    Just “liked” excedrin on their website, gave credit to sisters for sending me there, and printed a coupon for some excedrin!

  4. Jamie K says

    Couldn’t get the coupon to print, but I’m not sure if I suffer from Migraine’s, but I do occasionally get severe headaches related to lack of sleep! They are terrible, and they keep me from sleeping unless I take something, I’ve never tried Excedrin migraine products, but it would be worth doing!

  5. marissa says

    lack of caffeine is what triggers my migraines as well as my two year old, 9 month old, husband and lack of sleep

  6. Brittany says

    i suffer from chronic migraines (its that bad the dr.s named it chronic..) my triggers are lack of sleep, poor posture (the tightness on my neck), caffeine (i never have caffeine not even chocolate, strong smells (i actually had to drop a biology class because of the potent smell of lysol cleaner, bright sun light.. and unfortunately those are just a few of my triggers

    your post i couldn’t believe how much i have in common the sensitivity in scalp (i thought i was crazy!!).. if it wasnt for the warning signs it would make these migraines alot worse.

    just a suggestion those crazy mall kiosk.. i just found one that sells the those aroma therapy heating/ cold pads. i bought one for my eyes and a shoulder and neck pad.. it helps me relax and take away some of the tightness in my neck .but there are aromas like lavender and others that help with migraines

  7. Amanda says

    I get your emails, and am on your facebook. I get Migraines about 4 times a month and am also on Medication, they are painful and last anywhere from 1 to 3 days. I cant eat, I have to lay down and with a 3 year old autistic son thats almost impossible to do!

  8. Jacquelyn Peterman says

    My migraines were always around my monthly cycle so when I underwent an endometrial ablasion my migraines eased up and no more monthly migraines, now that the “change” is upon me I have had a dramatic increase in my migraines and without excedrin migraine I could not function. I take excedrin migraine at the first hint of an upcoming migraine and am good for work.

  9. Seth says

    Working in a hospital is a true headache at times. Sometimes I’m so busy with the needs of others, I forget my own until it’s too late. I always carry some type of pain reliever for my headaches and migraines. Sometimes just being under those lights can get to you and your head, so this would be an awesome giveaway!! Thanks so much ladies.

  10. Britteny says

    I have suffered from migraines for 10 years now (I am only 18), and it took me a while to actually decipher a real migraine from a bad headache… however, the older I got the more obvious it became that my headaches were not headaches. I can not stand or move a lot when a migraine creeps up on me and I get at least one every 2 days. Triggers for these little demons consist of almost anything… the most obvious ones (for me at least) include: passing a driver with their brights on (or any kind of bright light for that matter), my screaming baby, stress of any sort, taking a long bath or even standing for a long period of time. I am ALWAYS armed with my little bottle of Excedrin, so this give away would be a great blessing for me. Thank you for doing such a good job on your website and having such nice give aways! You all have saved me TONS of money!

  11. Missy says

    I “liked” warm your scents..which is where the link sent me.hopefully it was the right place since i commented on their page that ya’ll sent me:-)

  12. Jennifer CB ("Ruby Coupon") says

    I receive your emails. Thanks a million!

    I have also have had “scalp sensitivity” but i did not realize the significance. It is so helpful that you shared that info.

    Merry Christmas, Sisters! May God bless you and your families, as well as the new sweet pea in your family, Lisa’s little pumpkin! :)

  13. says

    My migraine trigger is stress and lack of water. Stress is usually brought on while trying to homeschool my middleschooler while entertaining my 3 year old.

  14. beth stradling says

    I have three kids. My first started getting migraines when she, well lets just say, became a teenager. They eventually went away, she is now 20. My second child started migraines when he became a teenager too. He’s now 17 and still gets them. He get’s them so bad that sometimes I want to take him to the ER just to get him some meds. to help him. Now, I have a 13 year old. And I’m praying that he doesn’t start with them.

  15. says

    Stress triggers mine–but only after the stress is over! I do great when the adrenaline is flowing, but as soon as everything calms down, watch out! Down for the count.

  16. Bulldoggymom says

    Squinting in the sun will trigger mine, but mainly the tightness in my neck that comes from being a transcriptionist gives them to me. Unfortunately, my 21 yo daughter is now getting them. Makes me so sad! :(

  17. Courtney says

    My migraines are triggered by what day of the month it is. It is out of my control, but it’s nice to have the relief I need from Excedrin! Thanks!

  18. Paula O'Brien says

    My Biggest trigger is the weather (I have to watch the barometer daily), and also certain foods, smells and stress. It’s so much fun to be me! (not really)

  19. Michelle Bader says

    For some reason the sun and/or bright light triggers my migranes. I have used Excendrin for a while and it has always worked to me :)

  20. Melanie Conner says

    The damp weather is a trigger for a migraine for me…any change in the barometric pressure gives me a serious headache! Excedrin works better than any other OTC pain reliever.

  21. Chris says

    I have suffered from migraines since I was in high school. My attacks would often end up with me in the emergency room and unfortunately my 6 year old son suffers from them too. I know the signs when one is approaching and IF I take excedrin migraineas soon as I experience them , it works great at controlling the intesity of it.

  22. says

    I got walloped by genetics. My mom, sister, and I all have migraines. It runs in the family. My triggers seem to be mostly hormonal but scents and stress can also trigger them.

  23. Deb says

    I just signed up to get you delivered on my email. My migraines have just recently became more frequent. I wake up with a slight headache which turns into a full blown migraine. This past Friday, my doctor suggested taking Excedrin Migraine when I get up if I feel the headache starting.

  24. Rachel says

    My migraine triggers are often times from lack of caffeine, and sadly, my 3 year old and 1 year old sons :) whom i love!

  25. Mary says

    I subscribed to your email!
    Trigger: My office vibrating because of a machine that is located right above me desk and when there is a storm coming!

  26. Heidi says

    I recently started to take excedrin for my migraines and it has helped me tremendiously and i would like to say thank you. I am not a caffeine person and these are very helpful.

  27. melissa williams says

    I’m subscribed with rss feed and I forgot to add in my previous comment that my twitter name is @williamsmel88

  28. amanda g says

    my migraines started after i had an epidural with my first pregnancy.. over time they have gotten worse.. and truthfully excedrine is the ONLY migraine medicine that helps.. my cabinet always had a bottle or two of excedrine in it!!

  29. April says

    Stress and just about anything triggers my migraines. I have them all the time and I don’t want to take prescription drugs for them. I use Excedrine Migraine and and ice pack on my neck and head.

  30. Katy says

    I subscribed to your email, rss feed, and twitter feed and printed the coupon.

    I rarely get migraines – my trigger is allergies – but my husband gets them constantly. Anything from lack of sleep to Taco Bell to dark beer will trigger one for him.

  31. Karen Long says

    Not really sure what triggers the migraines but, probably a combination of stress, weather and lack of caffiene.

  32. Erika says

    My migraine triggers are caffeine – if I don’t have my 2 cups of coffee every day I get one; =(
    And Menstrual migraines – I’m guaranteed one a month the day before my period starts (as if the cramps and bloating from that weren’t enough!)

  33. karla bloomingdale says

    Just signed up for the newsletter and liked Sisters & Excedrin on Facebook. I always keep Excedrin migraine at work and home. It’s become part of my “first aid kit.” It’s come in very handy for me and my co-workers. Thanks to the Sisters for sponsoring the contest!

  34. Dawn says

    my triggers are stress related… and i have resently started to get menstrual migraines… i like to use the tension headache excedrine… one way i try to get rid of a migraine is bby taking a shower and taking a nap

  35. says

    I’ve only started getting migraines in the past few years, so I’m still learning the triggers, but stress is definitely one of them, or not getting enough sleep for a couple of days in a row.

  36. Brittany Forman says

    I get your emails.

    I followed you on facebook.

    I followed you on twitter.

    I liked the Excedrin page on facebook.

    I subscribed to you RSS feed.

    I printed off the coupons. :D

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