The Ins and Outs of eOffers, eCoupons, eSavings – Updated!

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Here’s the current list of downloadable savings to your Giant  Eagle Advantage Card (and others).

A few quirks to the eOffers:

  • COMBINED – You can only have 90 loaded offers – COMBINED! (NEW)

  • You can not duplicate a downloadable savings. For instance, if  Giant Eagle eOffers offers a $1/1 Crest and SavingStar offers a $1/1 Crest – you can only LOAD ONE. If it’s that good of a deal, you’ll have to make multiple trips and multiple downloads.

Giant Eagle eOffers

  • eOffers do NOT Double
  • eOffers do NOT Stack
  • Only ONE eOffer will be taken off (even if you purchase more than one)
  • Sometimes takes up to 24 hours to download onto card
  • has the most offers
  • deducts at the register

Cellfire eCoupons

  • yes, you register with your  phone number
  • very few offers
  • deducts at register
    • do NOT Double
    • do NOT Stack
    • Only ONE will be taken off (even if you purchase more than one)
  • Sign up HERE 

Ibotta - Smartphone App

  • Android or iPhone App
  • STACKS with paper product
  • “Earn” $ off products offered
  • Take picture of receipt for proof of purchase
  • $ Deposited into Ibotta Account
  • Easy withdrawal
  • $5 deposit with sign up and first product redemption
    • do NOT Double
    • do NOT Stack
    • Only ONE will be taken off (even if you purchase more than one)
  • Sign up HERE


  • load offers onto card
  • NOT taken off at register, but deposited into your SavingStar account
  • do NOT Double
  • do NOT Stack
  • Only ONE will be taken off (even if you purchase more than one)
  • takes up to a week to see deposit into account
  • easy withdrawal
  • Sign up HERE 

Upromise eCoupons

  • few offers available
  • deposited into your Upromise account
  • Sign up HERE 



  1. Just in case this happens to someone else….last night I noticed that there were 3 eoffers for items I purchased but the amounts were not appearing on the screen as I was checking out. I asked the cashier and she told me that I would have to call the 1-800 number on the bottom of my receipt. When I got home I called the number, explained that I purchased the items and the eoffers were on my advantage card. To compensate for the lost eoffers the gentleman added a 5.00 off coupon on my advantage card that I can use the next time I shop.
  2. I have numerous eoffers that I use each shopping trip, I just make sure they come off before I leave and if they don’t I go to customer service where they now have a policy in place for such problems. They just enter their codes, the amount of missing eoffer and then they give you the cash. I find this to be easier than making the phone call although you so sometimes make money by doing it that way.
  3. If I use an eoffer at Giant and I have a mfg coupon for that item, can you use both? Thank you!
    • Yes, you can use both. Even if you have multiple manufacturer’s coupons though, the e-offer is only good once.
  4. If I clip coupons from more than one site for the same store and product can I use them all at the same time?


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