Enjoy a Movie on the Sisters!

Use one of these codes to get a free movie on us this weekend!

Redbox Current Promotions:
Sign up for a Redbox FREE rental text code every first Monday of the month by text message (standard text rates apply)
New Redbox users can register at the Redbox site and receive a FREE code for a rental.

New: Text keyword PANDORA to 727272, and they’ll text you back with a code for a FREE video game rental! (thru 12/31)

 Current codes:
JINGLE *New code!
REDBOX – first time rental code
WALGREENS – only at Walgreen’s locations

Older codes (some report that they’re still working, worth a try!)
BREAKDOWN– only at Walgreen’s locations
DVDATWAGonly at Walgreen’s locations
DVDATMAC – only at McDonalds
DRIVEIN – only at Sonic locations
DVDATSONI – only at Sonic locations
DVDKROG – only at Kroger locations
DVDATKROGER– only at Kroger locations

 Reserve DVDs and find Redbox locations here.



Blockbuster Express

$1/2 movies (must have two in cart): use code BBXDECEMBER (expires 12/30)

$1/1 Blockbuster Express code when you like their Facebook page

Blockbuster Express website and location finder

Thanks, Coupon Dad


  1. lindsey says

    I just rented a redbox movie for the first time and used one of the codes. It showed on the screen that the promo code was accepted and said my balance was 0 but still had to swipe my debit card and I just checked and it took out a dollar? Any suggestions?


      You have to always swipe your card, Lindsey. This is to charge if it is turned in late or not returned.

  2. says

    Lindsey, when you swipe a credit/debit card oftentimes there is a charge “hold” on your account. In this case it shows up right away but if you check in 24-48 hours, the dollar charge will have disappeared (assuming you return the DVD on time). This happens a lot with restaurants too. You’ll see the original charge minus the tip and in a day or two the total amount will show up. You always have to swipe a card with Redbox so that if your rental is late, they can charge you. FYI…if you return it late, you will be charged for your free night so in order to keep it a true freebie, make sure you return it on time. Happy watching! I love Redbox!

  3. lindsey says

    Thanks. Yeah I knew I would still have to swipe my card, I did return it on time and keep checking to see if my account is credited, so far it isn’t but maybe by Monday it will be. Thanks!

    • Megan says

      If it doesn’t credit back, it might be worth an email/call to Redbox. I’ve never had trouble with that before, but I think I’ve always used a credit card rather than a debit. I know some other places (hotels, gas stations, etc) sometimes put a “hold” on debit cards until the final charge goes through…I wonder if that’s what Redbox did? Will you let us know how it works out?

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