Coupon Lingo

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We’ve had a few other questions on the coupon lingo:

ALA – As Low As
AY- All You
Beacon or BJ – Beacon JournalBlinkie – Coupons found in stores at the little blinking red dispensers
BOGO or B1G1 – Buy One Get One
B2G1 – Buy Two Get One , etc.
Cat – Catalina at Giant Eagle
Catalina – Coupon triggered to print at checkout when specific items are purchased
CS – Customer Service
EXP – Expiration Date
FAR – Free After Rebate
FP – Final PriceGE – Giant Eagle
HBA- Health & Beauty
In-ad – Coupon found in the ad of the store (Wags and Rite Aid use these)
M- Manufacturer CouponMBG – Money Back Guarantee
MIR – Mail In Rebate
OOP – Out of Pocket
OYNO – On Your Next Order
OYNHBAO – On Your Next Health & Beauty Order
P- Printable Coupon
PD – Plain Dealer
P&G or PG- Proctor and Gamble
RA – Rite Aid
RAVV – Rite Aid Video Value Coupon
Rep – The RepositoryRP – Red Plum
RP Mailer – Red Plum Direct Mailer to Cleveland area and other large cities
RR – Register Reward (Wags)
S – Store Coupon
SCR – Single Check Rebate
SS – Smart Source
TMF – Try Me Free
UP – + UP Reward (Rite Aid)
Wags – Walgreens
WC – Wellness Card (Rite Aid)
WYB- When You Buy
YMMV – Your Manager May Vary – meaning each store handles it differently
X – Expiration Date

ANY OTHERS WE MISSED? COMMENT and we’ll get them up! Thanks!


  1. Thanks! This is super helpful. I really appreciate the time you girls spend to teach all us "newbies". Thank you, Jessica
  2. What does (IE) and (FF) stand for?
  3. Melissa G says:
    What are ECBs at CVS??
  4. thank you for all of your help!! How do I get the RP coupons?
    • julie, RP stands for Red Plum and they come in the Repository on Sundays and I also get them in the mail on Tuesdays…
  5. can you use to diffrent manufactures coupons on the same item. or if there is one on the box and the cashier use it but u have a manufactures coupon from te paper can u use both.
  6. Can eoffers or shortcuts be used along with manufacturers Coupons?
  7. Please explain overage to me. Thank you for what you do. As a new sister, I feel lost at times.
  8. Leona Creger says:
    What is PG and MTS mean, thanks…..Also I am very new to this and wondered why when there is a ONYO, why is the discounted still count for that transaction, cause you dont get to use it till the next time, right? Just trying to figure it all out, Thank you so much for all of your help!
      PG is Procter & Gamble, MTS is Moments to Save. The OYNO is figured on the front end, because it cannot be shown in future redemption.
  9. Theresa says:
    What does it mean when it has 5/1 SS? Is this an internet source or a newspaper source? Very new to this and would appreciate any help. Thank you!
  10. Melissa says:
    What is the Repository? I live in Brooklyn (Ohio, not New York -.-) and when I looked it up it said Canton so does that mean I can’t buy them here?
  11. what is all you? I am new to the whole couponing thing. my sister and i decided we needed to quit spending so much money on groceries and we decided to coupon and some of the terms are really confusing to me
  12. can you use catlina’s at the end of purchase? I’m soo green and trying to soak up all the information I can. Thanks, Kay
      Welcome Kiana. If you are asking if you can use the same catalinas earned during that transaction, the answer would be no. You will need to use previously earned catalinas.
  13. Vicki Bilek says:
    I wondered if you could explain what “all you” means. Thank you!
      All You is a must have magazine for couponers. It is full of great coupons each month. You can only purchase on the newsstand at Walmart. We offer a subscription to All You on our site for a fraction of the newsstand price and all proceeds go right back into our community! You can find the link on the right side of our site. Just scroll down until you see the picture of All You and click. HTH
  14. Hi! I didn’t realize we had anyone who did this for our local stores. I’m so glad I have found your page. I have been using the printable coupon websites and wondered if there’s any way to distinguish exactly what website you are referring to o the match-ups when it says “printable”. Thanks again!
      Within the post, not really. You can always check the Coupon Datatbase located on the left side of our home page under Save.
  15. what does pg stand for?
  16. Danielle says:
    What does ECB stand for and…

    Are there any local Giant Eagles that will let you use the printable coupons…Hartville will not.

      ECB stands for Extra Care Bucks at CVS.

      I do not know of any GE that do not accept printables. However, it is GE’s policy not to accept printables over $3, B1G1F Printables and Free Printables.

  17. what does GM stand for?
  18. What does GM mean? Please.
  19. At giant eagle. What is the coupon policy. Is it 1 manufactors and 1 ecoupon? I am new to couponing in ohio. Is there any stores that will let u use 1 manufator and 1 ecoupon for a b1G1 and attach it to each item. So 4 coupons total?
  20. Stephanie says:
    What does GM stand for?
  21. what is IP? thx

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