Tuesday Tip: The Money Taboo


Anyone feel this way? I helped teach a Faith and Finances class on Wednesday nights at my church a while ago, and our guest speaker started off his portion of the classes by asking us to discuss "The Money Taboo."  When you think of subjects that are taboo, money/finances ranks right up there with … [Read more...]

Tuesday Tip: It’s okay to walk away!

See if this scene sounds remotely familiar: you're at the checkout, purchases and coupons carefully planned.  The kids are fairly functional, but you know that they're little ticking time bombs and there's not much time left.  The cashier scans all your items, then the coupons...but wait.  Your … [Read more...]

Frugal Friday: Making Choices

Frugal Friday making choices

It's Frugal Friday!  Each week, I'll share tips, encouragement, and practical ideas for living a frugal lifestyle.  This week, we'll take a look at making some choices that can help you stick to your budget and achieve your savings goals. If you have little kids, or if you've spent much time … [Read more...]

Make sure you’re seeing our Facebook posts, plus other options for seeing our best deals!

facebook notifications

Are you seeing Sisters Shopping on a Shoestring in your Facebook news feed?  Facebook can be a great tool for all of us, because it makes it possible for us to interact with our fantastic Sister and Mister community on a daily basis, and for Sisters and Misters to interact with one another as well: … [Read more...]