Four Fantastic Apple Recipes!

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Apples are one of the Checkout 51 deals this week, so I thought it was a great week to share four of our favorite apple recipes!   In these recipes, I'll walk you through delicious homemade apple treats step-by-step, with pictures to help make it as easy as possible. Don't be intimidated--these ... Read More →

Cooking on a Shoestring: Sour Cream Coffee Cake Recipe

Monster cookies

Looking for something delicious to make this weekend?  This Sour Cream Coffee Cake recipe is one of the made-from-scratch treats my family likes best for a weekend or holiday breakfast.  It's not difficult to make, but it tastes so much better than a mix from a box.  You can make it the night ... Read More →

Guide to Buying Freezer Beef

freezer beef 1

When I shared on Facebook that I'd picked up my beef quarter to put in the freezer, I was overwhelmed with the response of Sisters and Misters who wanted to learn more about this.  We've bought freezer beef from a friend at church several times, and it's a frugal way to fill your freezer with ... Read More →

Cooking on a Shoestring: The many uses for a Rotisserie Chicken

rotisserie chicken

Rotisserie Chickens are a fantastic convenience-food option at a Shoestring Budget price.  You can usually get a fully-cooked chicken for somewhere around $5.  That's a great price for a dinner with no prep and no mess, with the possibility for leftovers. Eat what you want for dinner one night, ... Read More →

Cooking on a Shoestring: Peanut Butter Cup Pie

Screen Shot 2013-09-04 at 10.16.23 AM

This is the pie that my husband requests every year for his birthday...but not at the birthday celebration when we have guests.  He's normally a generous man, but this one he doesn't want to share with company ;)  It's so rich and oh so yummy--serve it with a giant glass of milk.  And if you decide ... Read More →

Valentine’s Day Recipes: Heart-Shaped Meatloaf and Chocolate Cheesecake


It's Valentine's Day, so I thought I'd share a few recipe ideas to make the day special.  The first one isn't so much a recipe as an idea of something fun to do for the kids.  A few years ago we came up with the idea of a heart-shaped meatloaf for Valentine's Day, and it's become a tradition.  (My ... Read More →

Recipes for the Big Game this weekend!

football pic

Here's a quick recipe roundup for some of our favorite party foods.  These would be great this weekend, whether you're having a party for the big game, or just watching at home.  Enjoy! Stromboli Pulled Roast Beef Sliders "Stupid Dip" (an easy cream cheese/taco dip) Crock Pot BBQ Chicken ... Read More →

Easy Stromboli Recipe


When we need party food that won't break the bank, this Stromboli recipe is a go-to crowd pleaser.  It's basically a rolled-up pizza without the sauce, and can be filled with anything you'd put on a pizza.  I won't represent this version as "authentically Italian," but it's authentically yummy, and ... Read More →

Star Wars Silicone Ice Molds–fun for birthday parties!

While Sara is in the midst of sharing her beautiful Frozen Birthday Party theme, I'm busy planning for a Lego Star wars party for my little guy who's turning 7 at the end of the month.  I came across these super fun Star Wars Silicone Ice Molds and had to share them.  They'd be great for ice cubes, ... Read More →

BBQ Country Style Ribs Recipe

Crock Pot BBQ Country Style Ribs Recipe--5 minute prep for a delicious meal from Sisters Shopping on a Shoestring

Boneless Country Style Ribs are on sale B1G1 FREE starting Thursday at Giant Eagle, so I thought it would be a great time to give one of my favorite easy recipes a makeover and share it with you!  You can't get much easier than this recipe: just 5 minutes of prep in the morning, and a tender, ... Read More →

Cooking on a Shoestring: Chicken Pot Pie from Scratch (or *almost* from scratch with shortcuts)

How to Freeze Chicken Pot Pie Sisters Shopping on a Shoestring

I love being able to cook homemade comfort food from scratch.  I love eating it even more. ;)  (Cleaning up after using every pan, bowl, and utensil in my kitchen, not so much!) Chicken Pot Pie is one recipe that's great when I can make all the parts of it from scratch, but I also love that I can ... Read More →

New Year’s Appetizer Recipes


  After all the sweets available at Christmas time, I start to look forward to some of my delicious savory favorites for New Year's Eve.  Our annual party is a little unconventional, since it includes at least 13 kids ranging in age from 3-8.  We start our party around dinner time, have a ... Read More →

Cooking on a Shoestring: Crock Pot recipes for Boneless Pork Loin


Did you see that Giant Eagle has their Whole Boneless Pork Loins (cut to order) on sale for $1.99/lb this week?  I usually get two pork loins when Giant Eagle runs this sale.  I have them cut so about 1/3 is a roast, and the other 2/3 cut into chops.  Sometimes I've had to ask the butcher to do ... Read More →

Christmas Morning Recipe Roundup

cinnamon rolls

Need something special to serve the family on Christmas morning?  I love recipes that you can make ahead, so there's minimal prep work when you'd rather be hanging out with the family.  Here are some of my favorite ideas for the special day!  Christmas Breakfast (there's also a good recipe for ... Read More →

Cooking on a Shoestring: Monster Cookie Recipe

All that's right in the realm of cookie ingredients, rolled into one delicious bite-sized treat.  Peanut butter, chocolate chips, M&Ms and oatmeal make these a family favorite, and using seasonal M&Ms makes them the perfect treat for any holiday.  Not that you need an excuse to make them.  ... Read More →

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