How to make Homemade Noodles, plus Sweet Potato Casserole and Awesome Stuffing recipes

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My husband says I’m a Thanksgiving snob…and he might have a point.  It’s not that I’m stuck up about Thanksgiving food, but I have a couple of Thanksgiving side dishes that I’ve adapted the recipes for over the years to the point that I like them the way I make them, and sometimes others don’t quite … [Read more...]

Frugal Friday: Schedule to Save!

Frugal Friday schedule to save

It's Frugal Friday!  Each week, we're sharing tips, encouragement, and practical ideas for living a frugal lifestyle. In a perfect world, we’d be on top of everything and would never have to worry about late fees, fines, or other penalties that cost us extra of our hard-earned money.  Too bad it’s … [Read more...]