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DIY Cleaning Recipe Roundup and Long-term use updates: They’re still working!

Dawn and vinegar DIY cleaning supplies

Our DIY cleaning recipes have been getting rave reviews on Facebook and in the comments of these posts.  If you want to clean stubborn messes, spend less on cleaning products, and/or go "green" and simplify the chemicals that enter your household, we have several cleaning product recipes that you'll ... Read More →

Homemade Wrinkle Release Spray

Wrinkle release

Homemade Wrinkle Release Spray Pin for later and easy referral!  Ironing is one of my least favorite chores.  Chances are, if an item comes out of the dryer wrinkled, it has a better chance of getting re-washed than getting ironed.  Most of the hubby's work clothes are wrinkle-free, so if I get ... Read More →

DIY Dishwasher Detergent: Easy to make and super frugal!

DIY Dishwasher Detergent

I've been using this DIY dishwasher detergent recipe for over a year, and I can recommend it: for cost, convenience, and effectiveness.  I'll admit that when we got busy over the holidays I took advantage of a few "store bought" dishwasher soap deals, but I'm ready to make a new batch of this ... Read More →

Vinegar Window Cleaner – Amazing and Streak Free


This homemade vinegar cleaner is a winner! It's easy to make, super cheap and WORKS!  That's a pretty perfect combination!  Here at Sisters, we share the love of all things simple and frugal!  There's a reason that Ohio is ranked the most frugal state  -(article )!  Many from our community, are ... Read More →

DIY Cleaning Supplies: Versatile Vinegar! Orange-infused vinegar plus tons of uses

Orange Infused vinegar and many uses for vinegar

Many of you already know that I have a bit of a crush on vinegar, especially when paired with its good buddy Dawn dish soap to make these fabulous DIY cleaners.  If you missed that post, go check it out now...we'll wait for you right here! :) Upon further research, I found tons of things that good ... Read More →

Homemade Super Stain Remover & Deodorizer: Fights tough Red Wine, Grease, Yellow Armpit Stains, and more!

stain remover

As excited as I am to share this stain removing/deodorizing DIY home cleaning recipe with you, I really wish I hadn’t had the opportunity to test it quite as thoroughly as I did.  But, if it can help clean and deodorize my son’s  tummy-bug mess from a new mattress and new assured it ... Read More →

Natural Weed Killer: No Harsh Chemicals!

It's always fun to share a new DIY Home Recipe with you, especially when it's something frugal that keeps harsh chemicals away from kids and pets.  As much as I love natural solutions to home problems, they need to be effective for me to want to use them.  As you can see from the pictures above, ... Read More →

Cleaning Dream Team: Vinegar and Dawn

carpet before after

Cleaning Dream Team: Vinegar and Dawn ****** Follow our DIY Home Cleaning Pinterest Board ****** You'll too become a believer in Dawn and Vinegar! Sisters and Misters, I'm in love, and not just with the handsome Mister who stole my heart more years ago than I'm willing to admit. ;)  I'm in love ... Read More →

Homemade Carpet Spot Remover Recipes


Husband: (looking around on the rare occasion when our living room floor is completely free of toys) "Why does our living room carpet look so gross?" Me:  "'ve met the other four people who live in this house, right?" I guess it's time for another batch of Carpet Spot Remover! We try ... Read More →

Frugal Homemade Cleaning Supplies with Dawn!

  Dawn dish detergent is on sale at Giant Eagle and several of the drugstores this week.  That makes it a great time to share some of our favorite homemade cleaning recipes featuring Dawn!  Have you tried them yet?  We love hearing from Sisters and Misters who have had good results with ... Read More →

Chemical-Free Insect Control

Chemical Free Insect Control

Those of you who follow us on Facebook might remember that last week I had a few unwanted visitors in my kitchen.  Actually more than a a hundred.  And while I admired the industrious little ant family's hard work in gathering the boys' abandoned cracker crumbs from the kitchen floor, I ... Read More →

Easiest DIY Laundry Soap Recipe Ever!

Easiest Make-your-own laundry detergent recipe from

Let me start by saying I was a little skeptical about the whole DIY laundry detergent thing.  I don't spend big bucks on detergent--I wait for a sale and use a coupon, and up to this point I was pretty satisfied with that.  But since so many Sisters and Misters seemed interested, I was willing to do ... Read More →

DIY Cleaning Recipes: Make your own Washing Soda from Baking Soda

How to make washing soda from baking soda

You may have noticed that Washing Soda is a popular ingredient in some of our DIY cleaning product recipes, including our Homemade Laundry Detergent recipe and the Homemade Dishwasher Detergent recipe.  It can usually be found in the laundry aisle (frequently under the Arm & Hammer label), but ... Read More →

Making our Homemade Dishwasher Detergent? SavingStar and Printable coupons for Kosher Salt!

  If you saw our recipe yesterday for DIY Dishwasher Detergent and you're gathering supplies, check out these two great offers for Kosher Salt.  If I remember correctly, the Kosher salt in the picture cost less than $2 at Giant Eagle, and there's enough in one container for several ... Read More →