Awesome Deal on BBQ Sauce at Giant Eagle

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It’s the season to STOCKPILE  ketchup, mustard, BBQ sauce, mayonnaise, sauces, etc.

Look for these hangtags at Giant Eagle
(remember, a hangtag belongs to that product – you have to purchase the item for the coupon)

Open Pit BBQ Sauce $1
-35¢/1  hangtag
FP: 30¢

Other great stockpile prices at Giant Eagle this week:

Heinz Ketchup $2
-25¢/1  (organic) 5/22 SS
FP: $1.50

Jack Daniel’s Barbecue Sauce $2
-55¢/1  5/8 SS
FP: 90¢

Heinz Vinegar $2
-50¢/1  printable
FP: $1

French’s Yellow Mustard $1.50
-30¢/1   5/15 SS, 4/10 SS
FP: 90¢

French’s Spicy Brown Mustard $1.50
-50¢/1   4/10 SS
FP: 50¢

Heinz A1 Sauce $3
-$1/1   5/22 SS printable
FP: $2

Vlasic Pickles $2.50
-55¢/1  printable
-$1/1  All You March
FP: $1.40  (usually goes cheaper to 90¢ – I’d wait)

Ken’s Dressing $1.67
$1/2   5/8 SS
FP: $1.17 each

Ken’s Marinade $1.67
$1/1   5/8 SS
FP: 67¢

For all of the Giant Eagle Deals this week, click HERE


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